Rural Income School: 50 Exciting Home Business Website Ideas

Rural Income

Rural Income School: 50 Exciting Home Business Website Ideas

Rural Income School Puts The Future In Your Hands

Rural income school helps you to change your future, not by getting an education to get a better job or even change careers midstream.

The regular school system is designed to make you work extremely hard to learn different theories.

After graduation and working a few years in your so-called dream job, you wish you were working for yourself, doing something you would pay someone to let you do, at home!

Rural Income School can help you attain an online education to create a better job as an Internet Marketer of your own information, product or service, and earn more money than you ever made in your life, easier and quicker with the “right business website”, determination and a can-do attitude.

Lee Romanov, President of and I created Rural Income especially for Rural Money’s subscribers and visitors; and recently I decided to unite Rural Money with its sugar daddy—Rural Income.

The video training on Rural Income is taught by one of the Internet’s most reputable Internet Marketers who has earned the rank of multi-millionaire—by helping other people.

Lee is an expert at her Internet Marketing craft, teaching information not taught anywhere else, online.

And, she’s doing it in a dignified and professional manner, which exposes the so-called “how to make money online course gurus”.

If her dog, Shiner, can have his own business website and make money online, then she is capable of teaching me and you, too!

Last I heard, Shiner is even a millionaire—making money while he sleep!

That’s a dog’s life I wouldn’t mind having!

The Rural Income platform is dedicated to business website training from the following points of our shared interest:


You study from the comfort of your own home at your own pace. No rushing to get to class and no deadlines.


We offer low, monthly payment plans for a starter website with no hidden fees, and the training is FREE that you won‘t get anywhere else!

Plus, when you recruit two paid subscribers to get their own Income Activator website, your website’s monthly fees are free! That’s what I did.


Lee Romanov has made many people millionaires and there are mucho subscribers on her Income Activator platform. The numbers are a closely guarded secret.

But, what she does reveal is her top money making website templates and training that are on fire! We’ll get to that later.


Lee and I are qualified instructors. Although, she provides most of the training because she can put her money where her mouth is!


And, that’s her sole objective for me and you, too! I add my two cents as well.

Our lessons are only an e-mail, phone call or click away, if you need help.

That’s why you see my phone number at the top of the home page.

There is also a translation tool for those who don’t speak English.

Why Should You Join Rural Income School?

Rural Income is on the Income Activator platform, which is a powerful website builder focused on revenue.”

Both Lee and I share the same goal of helping people everywhere, especially in rural areas, to make money online.

You’re About To Enter The Rural Income Zone

“You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the [The Rural Income] Zone!”

Watch this free training video to learn why Income Activator is the only Internet Marketing platform focused on revenue.

Website Examples

Here are some examples of websites created from the Income Activator website platform:

Office Supplies
Float Homes
And much more…

50 Exciting Business Website Ideas

  1. Health Care
  2. English Tutoring/Conversational English
  3. Computer Programming
  4. Accounting
  5. Beauty Care
  6. Paralegal/Legal Virtual Assistant
  7. Spanish As A Second Language
  8. Auto Mechanic
  9. Lawn Mower Mechanic
  10. Child Day Care School
  11. Creative Writing And Store
  12. Electrician Handy Man
  13. Private Investigator Tips And Tricks
  14. Gardening And Landscaping Difficult Areas
  15. Administrative Assistant/Secretary Virtual Assistant
  16. Real Estate Home Inspector
  17. Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant
  18. Interior Decorator Of Tiny Houses, Earth Homes, etc.
  19. Hotel And Restaurant Temporary Staffing
  20. General Contractor/Small Construction
  21. Medical Transcription Virtual Assistant
  22. Virtual Veterinary Assistant
  23. Art Collecting For Treasure Hunters
  24. PC Repair And Virtual Troubleshooting
  25. Cooking And Catering For Funerals
  26. Virtual Plumbing Skills
  27. Virtual Relaxation Therapy Videos
  28. Canine Training
  29. Physical Therapy For Seniors
  30. Photography Under Water, etc.
  31. Virtual Dental Hygiene
  32. Natural Health In China
  33. Natural Health In Japan
  34. Natural Health In Africa
  35. Small Engine Repair And Sales
  36. Wedding In A Box
  37. Birthday In A Box
  38. Party For 2 In A Box
  39. Virtual Computer Training Basics, Intermediate, Advanced
  40. Online Business Management For Not So Dummies
  41. Start Your Own Online Business
  42. Drug And Alcohol Think Tank
  43. Funeral Service For Hair, Makeup, Dressing, etc.
  44. Ex-Pat Secrets To Living In Japan, Korea, China…
  45. Meat Pie Baker
  46. Found Fruit Pies (Find the fruit, make the pies)
  47. Junk Appraiser
  48. Salvage Collector (Copper, aluminum, iron, etc)
  49. Creative Writing for Blogs
  50. Garden Fertilizers Of The Giants

Creating your own business website is more exciting and affordable than you think.

How much money have you earned with your WordPress website? Facebook page?

If you spend half a day checking your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds, Instagram, Snap Chat, etc., you could use that time building and promoting a website on these same social media platforms—and you won‘t be alone.

You can ask questions every step of the way.

When I learned how the social media gurus use our content and compel us to stay on their “websites,“ the light came on!

That’s what Lee and I want to teach you if you’re ready to learn, and invest a small amount of money each month to own your own Internet Real Estate—even if you don’t own a home right now.

With a profitable online business website, your dream home is possible.

Not only that, you could possibly sell your website (Lee and I have done it); or rent it out!

What “they” won’t tell you is that the Internet is a vast and wealthy place to have a website business; and it is expanding and becoming more valuable, every day.

If you are positioned online with in-demand goods, services and relevant information, you are in the right place at the right time to make rural income online.

Trust me when I tell you that location, location, location is still relevant in buying and selling physical Real Estate; and the same principal applies on the Internet.

Now is the time to change your future by taking the first step to living the type of rural lifestyle so many people dream about.

“I stopped dreaming and started making my dreams a reality because the reality of your dreams is simply the result of your past thoughts and actions.”

Prove your dreams of making money online by taking yourself back to school with Rural Income.

Then take the first step:  Get Your Website