How To Start A Rural Grocery Delivery Service That’s In Demand

Rural Grocery Delivery Service
How To Start A Rural Grocery Delivery Service That’s In Demand

With So Many People On Lock-down In Their Homes, Grocery Delivery Makes Sense?

When I was young, the local green grocer, milk man, etc. made daily rounds, which makes a rural grocery delivery service needful today.

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Now, all of us have to wait in line at the supermarket.

Not everybody can or will.

In wealthy a reas, there are delivery services operating today.

How about where you live?

are there folks who would pay a few dollars to have their grocery order delivered to them?

I bet there are.


Many older people hate the job of lugging home heavy groceries and many do not have cars.

Now with so many people on lock-down in their home, it would make sense to pay a reasonable charge to have the convenience of ordering their week’s supply of groceries by phone.

How To Start A Rural Grocery Delivery Service?

You will approach the store of your choice and tell them you have a sure-fire moneymaking plan .

If the store will mention your delivery service in newspaper ads, on flyers and in-store posters, you will provide someone to take the orders by telephone and pack them up and deliver them.

You will need a pick-up truck or van to do this.

The store will sell more groceries because it will serve customers better than other supermarkets in the area.

How Much Money Will I Make?

You will benefit by a $5 minimum charge for delivery and a $2 per bag charge for picking the groceries and your fee.

If you do a good job, you should build a loyal following.

If this works well with one store, you might try it in the next nearest city.

Independent markets are easiest to deal with.

Chains require too many approvals before they will try anything new.

You will need to prepare special order forms listing everything in the store to speed up order taking over the phone.

This plan requires a good organizer, but it has a very large potential.

Work it out with the market that you are not an employee, but an independent contractor providing them a special service.

You might hire teenagers for a set fee, say $.50 to $.75 for each bag of groceries packed.

Get your fees from the market in cash.

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