Rural Chicken Diaper Business Could Be The Right Fit For You

Chicken Diaper Business
Rural Chicken Diaper Business Could Be The Right Fit For You

Starting A Rural Chicken Pamper Business Has Its Own Shocks And Struts!

Your chickens will be the talk of the town when you start a rural chicken diaper business that’s sure to get inquiries.

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Watch this to see how your rooster will shock and strut his stuff!

Can you imagine what he’ll do for your chicken diaper marketing while wearing one of your designs?

I wouldn’t doubt if his video wearing your chicken diaper design doesn’t go viral!

It’s Easy Peasy To Start A Rural Chicken Diaper Business

The startup costs for a rural chicken diaper business are extremely low because all you need is a sewing machine, overlocker and materials.

If you want to starting earning money quickly, then listing your chicken diaper on marketplace platforms is the way to go.

As sales increase, you can create a web site that will help you generate 10 passive income streams without sewing a stitch.

An income generating web site can be created for $60/month on Income Activator.

Materials and fabrics can be remnants picked up at thrift stores.

Most micro online business owners have little or no money starting out; so buy only what you need to create your product.

Sew several different designs for marketing display and make up a batch of each to have ready for your first shipment.

This will give you a head start and time to create more as orders come in.

If you don’t have a sewing machine and overlocker, it’s ok because you can source them on Amazon and resell them.

People do it all the time.

But, if you are a sewer, the rural chicken diaper business is a great fit for you.

The ongoing expenses for your rural chicken diaper business are minimal.

However, if you choose a revenue generating web site, add the monthly cost of hosting to your expenses.

If you are already creating home sewn items, add chicken diapers to increase your income.

If you’re wondering who will buy your chicken diapers, it’s urban and rural homesteaders who have 5 to 20 chickens and ducks.

Some people keep one chicken as a house pet and would adore having chicken diapers for obvious reasons.

Your chicken diaper business could make money by selling singles or a set of 6 or 12 assorted patterns like “Pampers” or “Huggies”.

Do you know that you can earn upwards of $30 for each custom designed chicken diaper?

There is a lot of room for profit in chicken diapers because startup, production, and operating costs are extremely low.

And, while I’m on the subject, since you are already collecting a lot of chicken poo, it could be sold as a chicken manure tea.

That’s just one related product you can upsell.

Others include:

  • Peep pouches for chicks
  • Saddles to protect hens during mating
  • Dresses just because you want to dress your girls up.

You can also make diapers for American and European chickens.

Do you have a name for your rural chicken diaper business?

And, do you have a slogan for it as well?

If no, you can generate a free slogan here.

Start your rural chicken diaper business as a hobby until it starts earning a lot of money.

As a result, you will save money on business license, name registration, etc.

Remember, when you are ready to create a rural chicken diaper web site, use your existing business name.

Rural Money Tip:  Secure your domain name before you get a web site; and when you’re ready to create a website, it will already be available. Using a catchy name without registering it as a .com domain leaves it open for pirates to cash in on what you have already created.

If you like this idea or have already been thinking about doing it, what are you waiting for?

With tens of millions of chickens on the Planet, surely you can pamper some with your whimsical rural chicken diapers.