Rural Blogging: Americans Blogging For Money What Else Is There

Rural Blogging
Rural Blogging: Americans Blogging For Money What Else Is There

Rural Blogging Should Be A U.S. Dominated Community Because Information Is Money!

Rural blogging must become absolutely necessary to rural America, which is having difficulty growing its economy.

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Household incomes in rural America continue to fall behind those in suburban and urban areas.

In order to compete with other communities in this information economy, and stop the ‘population brain drain’ seeking employment elsewhere, rural Americans must join the blogosphere to support your families and communities.

China seems light years ahead of rural America in terms of helping its rural people make money on the Internet.

The rest of the rural world is slowly starting to catch a ride on this rural blogging/information highway to money and success.

What originally started in the U.S. with college educated, male-dominated bloggers, now include a multitude of ordinary suburban and urban people, male and female, of all races, blogging to stay at home with the children or support the family.

Technology has made it possible for anyone in rural communities to progress out of unemployment and underemployment by blogging.

Rural blogging, however, does have its advantages and disadvantages.

Rural Blogging Is Money

Evidenced by television, radio, newspaper, email, social media, and text message advertisements, blogging is a billion dollar industry.

Blogs display more advertising than traditional media because there are more blogs available, and they’re ‘cloud’ based on consumer’s computers and smartphones.

A multitude of bloggers and companies earn millions of dollars a year in advertising income.

It is common for blogs to feature banner advertisements or promotional content, either to financially benefit the blogger, support website hosting costs, or promote the blogger’s favorite causes or products.

The popularity of blogs has also given rise to “fake blogs” or “fictional blogs” created by companies as a marketing tool to promote products.

“Advertising generates the vast majority of revenue in the search and social media portions of the Internet industry.”

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Rural Blogging Is Knowledge

The Internet is ‘the’ portal for worldwide information that satisfy what people are searching for 24/7.

Rural Blogging Is An Economy

The rural blogging economy is real!

It is comprised of a mega group of people who have knowledge and expertise about various subjects, not limited to one, and earn an income from it that support families and local economies.

Rural Blogging Is Tyranny

Prohibiting people from sharing creative and artistic information and making money by blogging is an act of tyranny in many foreign countries.

These actions overtly oppress people from ‘feeling free’ to express their real views and opinions.

That is why many international bloggers remain anonymous or use a ‘pen name’ to disguise their desire to make money or get publicity.

The U.S. is covert in its power to suppress free speech, but for now, Americans enjoy more liberties blogging than other societies.

Now that you have considered the main economic advantages and single disadvantage of blogging, from my view point, are you ready to make an informed decision whether or not blogging is a way for you to make money in rural America?

In addition to growing agriculture, farming and homesteading, start blogging about your unique gift to grow crops, raise animals, make cheese, etc. for your rural economy.

Tell your ‘rural story’ in snippets, in each blog post, which will make your blog that more interesting.

Start blogging about your niche (work), hobby and ‘rural story’ to share financial struggles and hardships you are facing with the courage to do something about it, by thinking outside the box.

Time To Learn Blogging Basics

Assuming you have the right mindset to start a blog, get a Blog: Tips To Start One And Make Easy Money Online