8 Rural Blog Business Ideas For Your Rural Money Success

Rural Blog Business Ideas
8 Rural Blog Business Ideas For Your Rural Money Success

Your Rural Money Success Is In Your Hands!

Unemployed, underemployed, kids and seniors are seeking rural blog business ideas earn rural money, and the money is already in your hands.

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Many people are interested in working from home and are actively seeking a rural blog business ideas.

Yet, you are looking at all the shiny affiliate marketing niches.

In that case, you are looking beyond your own knowledge, skills and abilities.

These are the keys that can quickly unlock your rural blog business success.

And, it doesn’t matter whether your expertise is pets, children, carpentry, etc.

The point is, you are overlooking the vocation that made your living.

With effort and determination, you can easily turn this proven skill into a rural blog business.

In fact, you only need a few tools and less than $100 to get started.

Email marketers believe that the money is in the list.

I believe that your rural blog business success is in your hands!

So, instead of being a “doer” of these eight rural income opportunities, be a blogger/consultant sharing your knowledge to help doers get ahead and make money.

Also, if you want to “do” one of these business ideas, go for it, but you’ll still need a website/blog.

8 Rural Blog Business Ideas

Check out these simple ideas to become a rural money success either way you choose.

Rural Grant Writing 

Non profit organizations are the new business model for people who once worked in the corporate arena.

Therefore, they need grant writers to help get funding for community programs and services.

Put pen and paper to work in a grant writing business blog.

Use your social media networking skills to find people who need this service.

Rural Floral Bouquet Mobile Service

Design and deliver bouquets and gift baskets with flowers and fruit that you grow or outsource from local growers.

Bring your ideas to life with a homebased floral design blog business that blooms.

Rural Pet Care Mobile Service

Use your pet skills to provide a pampered pet service for a ‘nervous pooch’  business.

Pickup pets and drop them off so they stay calm during the trip to the vet, grooming, etc.

Wait for these precious pooches and deliver them back to their owners.

Rural Cleaning, Landscaping, Construction Service

Bring in the rural money while experiencing the satisfaction of tackling hands-on projects.

Create a blog as an extension of your cleaning, landscaping, construction service and more.

Target well-to-do clients who are busy!

Rural Lend A Hand Information Blog

Provide niche specific information that give readers a sense that you are lending a hand to make a difference in their lives.

Create a resource blog for senior care, childcare, funeral and grief, etc. with inspiration and imagination.

Provide problem-solving solutions that a mass hungry market needs.

Rural Import/Export Dropshipping

Put your type-A personality to work for you.

Build a blog about imports/exports, wholesale distribution, freight brokerage resources for beginners.

Rural Childcare Services

Share your knowledge and expertise for childcare, after school tutoring, or any solution-driven service to solve problems.

Rural Graphic Artist

Create a magazine blog of your rural countryside.

Make your graphic designs speak a thousand words.

Add tourist resources and local ads.

Use these ideas to map your expertise into a homestead as a business opportunity.

As a result, you can achieve long-term rural money success.