Rural America Needs To Solve Problems In Online Marketplace

You Don’t Need A Job To Solve Your Problems—Provide Solutions

If you want to run an online business in rural America, you need to solve problems in the online marketplace.

However, you must identify the problem and give customers the solution.

More importantly, the key to massive wealth is that you need to make your solution, or the answer their problem, greater than your promise.

If you over deliver on your promise, you will almost immediately find yourself in the top 1% of online income earners in your marketplace.

All you need to do is solve problems greater than your promises.

If not, the person who purchases the product or service feels let down or even worse—cheated.

Why, because you didn’t make the solution bigger than the promise.

Solve Problems In The Marketplace

Even if you sell yourself like crazy or all those big promises you make about your product, service or yourself, it’s nothing compared to the results you can deliver.

Do you know what happens when you do that?

People don’t just come to you once to get their problem solved, they come to you again and again and again.

Any successful business such as Amazon or Walmart know it is really important for people to come again and again because having people buy from you just once will put money in your pocket, but it will not create wealth.

Therefore, you need repeat buyers.

When you solve problems in the online marketplace, people come back again and again over and over with a high level of overwhelming satisfaction.

They will be bursting at the seams to give you more money for new problems that they have.

This also applies to their ongoing problems that they feel you have the most satisfying solution, whether it is a temporary one or a permanent one.

On top of that, customers will start to send other people to you to solve their problems.

The secret to rural America solving problems in the online marketplace is niche specific affiliate websites that define problems and offer solutions.

Author’s Info:  Tonza Borden is a 20-year finance and digital marketing expert with a passion for coaching and training. She is also an advocate for people with disabilities and the working poor. Visit her website at for exclusive community resources and strategies for your financial future. Google+


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