Rural America Has Willing Workers
Rural America Has Willing Workers For Hire: A Poem

Ode To Willing Workers Of Rural America

Rural America has willing workers and all they need is someone who wants willing workers to do the very tasks that you abhor.

Are just the things that we adore,

Wash your windows, put up screens,

Mind your two-year-old’s or ‘teens’,

All this and more–we’ll scrub your floor

Or do the shoppin’ at the store,

Clean your attics or your cellars–

We’re really quite the handy fellers

And all the tasks Pop just won’t do

They’re the ones we’d really like to.

So, if your housework is a bore

Call me six–three-five–eight–four.

P.S. We’ll cut your grass, too–

What rhymes with “lawns”?

Image by Geralt

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