Rural Airbnb: How To Make Ends Meet In Austere Times

Rural Airbnb
Rural Airbnb: How To Make Ends Meet In Austere Depression

Turn Your Spare Bedroom Into An Airbnb-Style Room, Board And Cash!

In difficult times, many people will look for your rural Airbnb because they could no longer afford to keep their home.

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It will be an unfortunate situation for many people, but those who have spare bedrooms can make a difference, while earning an extra $500-$700 per month.

If you have extra bedrooms or Real Estate, then you can help meet the demand for decent, safe and affordable shelter, that will overwhelm most countries, in the near future.


Financial experts predict that tens of thousands of people will lose jobs and homes.

Recognizing that rentals are premium, the demand for rooms with one hot meal a day will be a dream.

This guide offers this very idea for those who may need to open their doors to strangers, in order to keep a roof over their heads.

How To Find Rural Airbnb Guest?

Read newspaper or Internet ads to find Airbnb-type guest.

The more rooms you have to offer, the lower the rent, the more people you can help.

Therefore, the more money you can make!

This idea is not about being mercenary and taking advantage of somebody’s misfortune.

The fact is, if you have to take in strangers, that means you are in dire need, too.

Finding motivated roomers may not be difficult when SHTF, but selecting the best candidates is a primary concern.

Assuming that your room(s) are in good condition, you won’t have to negotiate.

Your bargaining chip is 1) demand 2) a clean, safe and affordable room; and 3) one hot meal per day.

Almost anyone is capable of providing “room and board” service.

Although, it takes a special person or couple who are “tough,” yet have a passion for helping others, all while finding financial freedom along the way.


Once you have found the boarder(s) that you want, give them an agreement and/or house rules at the very least.

If money is not an object to a Section 8 Voucher holder or veteran, ask for a deposit and give them a lease amount in order to get it secured.

If money is tight, offer the room, but tell them they cannot occupy it until they have the first month’s rent in full.

You don’t want to get started with someone who does not have the ability to pay.

If you use the official Airbnb service, you won’t have to worry about collecting payments, taxes, etc.

If there are a number of vacancies, or you have found the right “motivated” candidate, this should not be an issue for you.

Who Do You Want To Help With Your Spare Room?

Have you thought about who exactly it is you want to help, and share your home with?

Consider a particular group of people who you can help more than others.

Remember that starting a room and board have a lot to do with where you’re living.

Let’s think about the types of candidates you can target:

Veterans – Male and female who have just returned from war, or those who returned from Vietnam, Desert Storm, etc.

They need help and shelter now more than ever.

Would you like to serve this community?

Elders And Seniors – Many aging, retired and retiring baby boomers will need your help. They won’t have the income to live on their own.

You can target this market easily!

What Type Of Rural Airbnb Guest Home Should I Do?

1. The least restrictive type, which most refer to as a rooming house.

2. Guests share chores and may have jobs, so they are self–sufficient, but can’t afford to live alone.

Can you see the opportunities?

Now, you can make a decision about who you may want to help.

How To Find Your Rural Guest Room Target Market?

If you truly want to help people, you must learn how to actively target your niche market.

First, ask yourself who do you want to help?

Let’s assume that you have decided your target audience is veterans, living in Louisville, Kentucky.

It is as easy as going to Google, typing in Louisville, Kentucky veterans looking for room and board.

Make a “short list” of all the Google results.

When there is a NATIONAL SHTF DISASTER, people will contact you when they see your online ad and/or hear word of mouth.

Because there will be such a high demand for this type of housing, you will need to meet with candidates first.

How To Furnish Your Room And Rural Airbnb-Style Guest House?

Now that you have started marketing for your rural Airbnb guests, get ready for the phone calls and emails to start coming in.

You will soon realize that every time your phone rings, it is somebody you can help, and more importantly, someone who NEEDS HELP!

And, the help they need is simply a place to live.

So, here is what you need to furnish your bedrooms/house:

  • All Bedrooms: Bed, box spring, mattress, chest of drawers, dresser, night stand, desk (optional), lamp.
  • Living Room: Dining room table, couch, used TV.
  • Kitchen: Plates, utensils, coffee maker.
  • Breakfast Room: table, chairs

You can simply provide the basic furnishings because you will be a Godsend!

If your room or room and board home is not already furnished, then the best bet is Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Can you see how you can have your room and board service up and running in no time flat with minimal out-of-pocket expense?

Remember, there are many people out there who are helping people, truly making a difference in peoples’ lives by providing housing, and other services for people in need.

Congratulations You Got Your First Guest With Tonza’s Help!

You have just succeeded in setting up and running your Airbnb-style room.

By now, you are receiving phone calls from case managers and social workers, with a perfect fit for your room and board.

After you take your guest in and show them their new home, make certain to have them fill out a guest agreement (you can find a sample online).

Once your guest has his/her new room, make certain that you have received their deposit and monthly rent.

Before you cash the check, photocopy it to remind yourself that taxes need to paid on this income, if it is over a certain amount.

This guide is not intended to provide detailed, step-by-step information, because you are not doing this to start a business.

I am thinking more in line of providing temporary rural Airbnb-style room as a neighbor-helping-neighbor service, for a few of the men and women who will face extraordinary hardship during very difficult times.

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