Rightfully Mine: Short Backstory Of Tonza’s Homesteading Journey

Rightfully Mine
Rightfully Mine: Short Backstory To Tonza’s Homesteading Journey

Rightfully Mine Means God’s Equal Rights Amendment!

Rightfully mine reminds me of a story in my favorite book about a group of people who desired to live in a certain hill country.

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The leaders sent spies to spy out the land.

When the spies returned, they reported that there were giants in the land and we were afraid.

However, the good news was there were grapes so large that two men had to carry them suspended on a stick.

Well, the leaders still wanted their people to live in that land; so they said that we have a right to live there… the Lord is with us…

As a child and as an adult, I have had to face many giants to fight for my right to live in a certain place, work in a certain place… and have peace of mind…

As a young girl, I was just as quiet as I am now.

For whatever reason, one of my schoolmates (a bully) sent me a message that she would meet me after school.

This was a threat to my peace of mind so I met her, and a crowd of my peers waiting to watch the fight.

Long story short, a line was drown in the sand and the first one to cross it could pass the first lick.

I crossed the FINISH LINE!

The moral of this story is this:  When there is something rightfully yours, you may have to stand your ground for it, which will let your opponents know that you are not afraid.

As I grew up, I have encountered other giants who wanted me to back down or run away from what was rightfully mine, but I didn’t because the Lord is with me.

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