Rent Old Faithful Used Cars That Are Cheaper

Rent An Old Faithful Used Cars
Rent Old Faithful Used Cars That Are Cheaper | Rural Money

In The 1990s, One Smart Person Decided That People Would Rent Used Cars If They Were Cheaper!

The average American family now keeps the family car from 6 to 8 years but, you can rent old faithful used cars that are cheaper.

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If anyone is traveling by air to another city, the car rental agencies all have brand new cars but CAN’T rent them!

Renting a brand new car is nice if you are on an expense account and your companies pays for it.

Many people still need to rent a car in a strange city but, can’t pay those sky high new car rental rates.

In the 1990s, one smart person decided that people would rent used cars if they were cheaper.

He called his company “Rent A Wreck.”

Of course, the cars were not wrecks.

They were dependable older cars.

Maybe they had a dented fender or worn seat covers.

He bought them used for a fraction of the cost of a new car.

You need to know a good mechanic, and have a place to keep the cars near the bus station, airport, or train station in your town.

Check the major rental agencies so you can undercut their prices and still make a good profit if you keep costs down.

An ad in local papers will help.

They are listed alphabetically so call your outfit, “Angie’s Classic Car Rentals,” or “Adams Old Car Rentals,” or “A cheaper Rent-a-Car.”

Here you might have mini ads (Avery labels printed with your ad) stuck in all the bathrooms at the airport and bus station.

That will avoid the cost of social media or regular print advertising at the airport, which is expensive.

Once you are established, customers will tell their friends about you.

You might make up a card to send to those who refer you to a customer that says, “Thank you! You’ve helped us and you helped your friend save on renting a car.”

Have fun with it.

If your car breaks down, of course you will have to give the customer another car but, also give him a prize–maybe a McDonalds coup for his trouble.

This would cost a few thousand to set up but, it has a big potential.

Image By Ryan McGuire