Rent Anything For Regular Payment To Make Rural Money

Rent Anything
Rent Anything For Regular Payment To Make Rural Money

Resources To Give You Ideas To Make Money Renting Anything!

Rent anything to make extra income because there is a huge market of people looking for things to use temporarily and make regular payments.

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For example, if you own some type of accommodation or equipment, you can rent it.

A tenant’s regular payment to you for the use of property or land, or someone paying to use something is passive income.

Of course, you can rent anything including the usual spare rooms and garage apartments.

But, consider the income potential of periodically renting a barn, picnic pavilion, building, office, or other property, machinery and equipment.

Depending on how you structure it, you can receive a single payment or series of payments in return for the use of your stuff.

Here is a list of resources to give you some ideas, and see how others are making money renting anything:

9Flats – On this site, you can find vacation rentals, apartments and guest houses, owned by friendly locals across the world.

Airbnb – Find both short and long term apartment or room rentals.

Camp In My Garden – Online garden camping community. As a member of this community, you can advertise your own garden as a campsite and/or rent accommodation in other community members’ gardens.

Easy Room Mate – Flat share site.

PeerRenters – Rent out your own stuff and make money. Or rent stuff you need instead of buying. From trusted people & shops in your community

Rent My Items – Rent out those unused household items and earn some money.

Rentalo – Global directory of vacation rentals, hotels, bed and Breakfasts, vacation homes, condos, villas, cabins, chalets, lodgings, furnished accommodations.

Storemates – Find the cheapest storage space in your community. Earn money through renting out your extra space.

Wimbdu – This site is a web-based platform, based on the peer-to-peer property rental model, that advertises properties on the Internet for short-term rentals.

Zilok – No. 1 Rental site – Car rentals, Vacation rentals, Wedding rentals, Tool rentals, Equipment rentals.

Poor people living at the knife of survival in rural areas are constantly searching for ways to make money.

Look around the house, in the attic, basement and garage.

You just might have something that others yearn to possess or have and, would be willing to rent temporarily.

Rent anything and turn your dusty, unused stuff into income.

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