Rent A Workshop On A Commercial Basis

Rent A Workshop
Rent A Workshop On A Commercial Basis | Rural Money

An Old Store Or Industrial Building Would Be Fine

When most families live in a mobile home or in an apartment where they do not have the space for a workshop, there is an opportunity to rent a workshop.

There is an opportunity for somebody to set one up on a commercial basis.

An old store or industrial building would be fine.

But, if you have a large basement in your home, you could start there and move to a larger building as you grow.

You will need a good assortment of wood and metal working tools.

You may already have the tools or perhaps you can buy them used by watching for garage sales and business failures in your local papers.

Charge a reasonable fee to encourage people to come to your workshop, say $5 for a two-hour session.

One way to get new people is to hold classes for beginners.

Advertise them in the entertainment or sports section of the paper.

Courses might include welding, electrical repair, cabinetmaking, plumbing, etc.

A ten-week course might cost $100.

You had better be pretty handy yourself before you start charging for lessions.

If you’re not, hire a retired shop teacher or plumber or electrician at say $20 per hour for teaching.

With enough people attending, you can succeed without being an expert yourself.