Reinvent Yourself Into A Successful Rural Homesteader

Reinvent Yourself Into A Successful Homesteader
Reinvent Yourself Into A Successful Rural Homesteader

Rural People Cannot Depend On The Government To Cure All Economic Ills!

Believe it or not the U.S. economy is still in a deep recession, but you can reinvent yourself into a successful rural homesteader and prosper.

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Rural Americans losing or have lost jobs during this stubborn economic downturn, agree that more needs to be done to help.

Instead of waiting for government to help you, find another avenue to gainful or self-employment.

I am writing a series of posts that will address this dire need from a simple yet creative viewpoint, to reinvent yourself.

Many unemployed rural people are forced to relocate to other cities for jobs.

However, in these times of job cuts, more creative employment opportunities are needed at home.

Jobs are not readily available for anyone anymore due to this prolonged recession.

And, without special government stimulus many employers refuse to hire.

Even highly educated or professionally trained people are skating on thin ice in the corporate arena.

But, those who are out of work and need to put food on the table must take to creating a job like ducks take to water.

Unemployed rural Americans, who landed out of work without a financial parachute, need to generate income or at least supplement income to participate in their family’s well-being and community, NOW.

Also, more unemployed people must create opportunities for self by self to generate income and remain self-reliant.

Coming posts will give simple suggestions and direction on how to tap into creative urges and passions to generate income through cottage industry start-up.

What were once hobbies for interest and enjoyment to some rural Americans is now financial fulfillment.

Rural people cannot depend on the government to cure all economic ills, no matter how many tax dollars it spends.

If you long for a job, you must create one to reinvent yourself.

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