Real Money Moves For Your Positive Cash Flow

Real Money Moves

Real Money Moves For Your Positive Cash Flow Rural Money

Rural Real Money Moves To Keep Your Cash Flowing

It’s not just enough to launch a profitable and successful rural business; you have to learn how to make real money moves to use your money optimally.

You have to learn how to use your money to take care of yourself and your family.

Here are eight smart real money moves successful rural bloggers and businesses use to keep their cash flowing.




1.  Plan Your Estate

For those with many assets, it is crucial to have air-tight wills and trusts.

You don’t want the State to determine who gets your property!

2.  Buy Adequate Insurance

Life, health, disability are all commonplace.

Get enough liability insurance to protect your business.

Disability insurance offers protection if you cannot work for a period of time.

3.  Produce Life/Work Plans

Successful people plan for success; and they plan for failures.

That’s what enables them to keep going when failures happen.

4.  Hire A Financial Advisor | Acquire Money Acumen

Not everybody needs a financial advisor.

Even with a financial expert, you need to understand your own finances.

5.  Hire An Accountant

Taxes matter.

A good accountant ensures that you keep as much of your earnings as legally possible.

In many cases, the accountant, financial advisor and an attorney work together as a team.

6.  Own Your Rural Homestead

Conservative successful people tend to shun extravagance.

They generally don’t overspend on a principal residence.

Many follow the rule that the value of their home should be no more than twice their annual gross income.

7.  Adopt A 50-30-20 Rural Lifestyle

Many successful people live on no more than 50 percent of their net income.

They save and invest 30 percent of their net income, and treat themselves for their hard work with no more than 20 percent of their net income.

8.  Communicate And Collaborate With Spouse On Real Money Matters

Those with a great deal of real money do what they can to maintain a strong marriage, which they cite as an important factor in making real money moves.

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