Number One Questions About Group Homes

Questions About Group Homes
Number One Questions About Group Homes

Here’s What No One Else Is Telling You About Group Homes! #grouphomes #ruralmoney #rural #money #ruralareas

There are many questions about group homes because there are BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars flowing into the shared-housing industry.

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The co-living and home-sharing INDUSTRY can be seen from the following links:

Make no mistake, GROUP HOME RICHES is the #1 EDUCATION PROVIDER and they have been for the last 15yrs….


Because I started operating GROUP HOMES 20+ years ago and have the first hand knowledge and experience to teach you and LARGE VENTURE BACKED COMPANIES how to run and operate Group Homes and Co-Living Properties using my World-Famous GROUP HOME GOLD COURSE PROGRAM.

#1 Questions About Group Homes

Let’s dive into some of the questions:

Question: “Andy, is there still room to start up a group home even after all these VC backed group homes companies”

Answer: “Yes, there is a Starbucks on every corner and a gas station on every corner. There are also homeless vets on every corner that get $1,000 per month. It is your job to provide group home housing for them”

Question: “I called my local government and they told me they don’t provide funding for Group Home Operators. What should I do”

Answer: ” Get my GOLD COURSE. Then, listen to all our podcasts. You can’t call your mayor and ask them. They don’t know. I show you step-by-step how to find local Non Profits and market to them in the GC. If you don’t want to do that, email me now”

Question: “How Many people can I have in 1 house?”

Answer: “Don’t ask me that question! Read the headlines! If VC’s can pack 14 in a home, why can’t you??”

Question: “I called my state government to see what kind of license I needed to operate a group home. They told me they don’t know, but I will need one. What do you recommend?”

Answer: “Quit wasting time and just buy the GOLD COURSE and listen to all my FREE YOUTUBE Sessions! We have gone over this thousands of times. YOU DO NOT NEED A LICENSE!”

Question: “Are you sure there is enough demand for group homes to keep my Group Home at 100% occupancy? I am nervous”

Answer: “Scared money make NO MONEY!…. Do you see all these homeless people on the streets? They need a place to live! Go get one for them”

Look – The Tech market is collapsing, Layoffs are happening, Bitcoin and Crypto are collapsing, Inflation is at a 40 Year High, Real Estate prices and Rents are unaffordable and most people HATE THEIR JOB!

It’s Time For You To Do Something About It!

That’s it.

They want to hear from you.

What is your number 1 question that you have about group homes holding you back from getting started?

EMAIL ANDY NOW and set up a free – 1-on-1 Consultation or GET STARTED NOW!

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