Queen Of My Homestead
I Am The Queen Of My Homestead – Rural Money Homestead

Pretty Things Here, There And Everywhere

As the queen of my homestead, I am creating moments to remember my before and after rural homesteading projects inside and out.

This Rural Money Homestead link tells you all about my homestead concept and how it got its name.

This Rural Money Homestead link is a photo chronicle of my thrifty, rural lifestyle and preparation to live off the land, to help me create a sense of fun in the process, and live happily ever after.

Queen-In-Residence Busy As A Bee

  • Kitchen’s done.
  • Landscape so lovely.
  • Bedrooms a beauty.
  • … pretty things here, there and everywhere. 🙂
  • Antique gaming table purchased from my good friends at EstateRescueQueens.com
Livingroom Updated
Livingroom Updated

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