25 Proven Airbnb Guest Hosting Ideas For Your Entire Place

Proven Airbnb Guest Hosting Ideas
25 Proven Airbnb Guest Hosting Ideas For Your Entire Place

Tips To Get Quality Bookings While Others Can’tPlus Earn A Bonus For Listing Your Entire Space

The state of Airbnb guest hosting is constantly evolving, but these 25 proven Airbnb guest hosting ideas will work to increase bookings.

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Strategies that brought in great bookings a few years ago, might not work today.

Since Airbnb has undergone some changes, many hosts are looking for new and innovative hosting strategies.

Here are 25 proven and innovative hosting ideas to keep your Airbnb app pinging.

1.  Increase Your Prospects On Airbnb With A Luxury Historic Farm Listing

Too many people believe that the time has passed to write good advertising copy to attract buyers for various products and services. The fact is you must write a good Airbnb description specifically targeting potential individuals for your luxury historic farm listing. This works extremely well with very high-end or historic properties. The potential guest gets to hear your tone and gets a feel for your personality as well as some honest insight about the property they’re considering renting.

2.  Rent A Charming Absentee Homeowner’s Property On Airbnb

Since Airbnb is addressing fair housing concerns, absentee Real Estate owners have been scrambling to find ways to target their entire space to potential guests on Airbnb. Instead of beating your head against a wall, why not just make sure the property you are listing is truly ‘charming” with everything in good working condition as advertised. Using a service like Airbnb to rent your entire space can be a boom for absentee owners or a bust for “slum lords”.

3.  Help Travelers Find An Airbnb Home, Not Just A Rental

As a former bed and breakfast host, I have found through the years that other hosts do not have enough knowledge of how to guide potential guests through the Airbnb process looking for a temporary “home”. Most people think you rent an entire house for a guest to live in it temporarily, rinse and repeat. But what if you kept that first guest for an extended period for say 6 months? You would gain reoccurring passive income longer. If you help travelers find an Airbnb “home away from home”, you could have guests for life because they trust you are providing a home and not just a rental. In essence, you are guiding them on the right path of where to rent based on their needs and income desires.

4.  Host Second Chance Airbnb Guests In Your Entire Cottage

A great, underrated technique for making reoccurring passive income is to host first-time Airbnb guest in your entire cottage. Do well for potential guests while having strict home rules in place to deter damages, etc. Get involved with charity or civic organizations and do so with the sole intention of helping good people who happen to be homeless and need a second chance. A side effect of doing good is that it gets your name in front of others and, more importantly, it gives those people an opportunity to rent a temporary place of their own without a lease. Also, it feels nice to help others who need a second chance.

5.  Write Your Ideal Airbnb Guest Description To Get More Bookings

When writing your Airbnb description be sure to include the type of potential guest you are looking to host such as “relocating professional” or “local tourist”, etc. This just helps you and the potential guest get a feel for the type of personality you are seeking to share your entire Airbnb space. Also, let active people know that there are running and biking trails and other activities. If they have school-age children, include local sporting events, concerts, and plays, etc. Last but not least, create an Airbnb Guidebook that feature local restaurants, religious events, sporting events, hiking, swimming, and charitable causes. Airbnb Guidebooks are an easy way to share recommendations with guests. Take a few minutes to create one. It’s a great way to win over travelers—hosts with guidebooks tend to get more bookings. Identify your ideal guest, then write a description about the space and yourself being involved in the things they do.

6.  Reward Your Airbnb Guest With Treats And Flowers

Even if they don’t know you, everyone loves getting presents, even small ones. That’s why Airbnb hosts should start rewarding their guests. This, your space being as described, and your exceptional hospitality are the best ways to get five star reviews. You’re not giving a bribe, you’re showing your guest sincere appreciation for selecting your listing. Just a simple thank you card and a $5 bouquet of flowers will help make and maintain a personal connection.

7.  Help Airbnb Guest Work Through Housing Needs With An Entire Space

Offering to help potential guests with other financial needs can be a great way to help them work through housing needs. Some guests come with an obvious need to work through their financial needs—with prior evictions, job loss, bad credit, etc. And, you would only know these things if they told you, which some do. This personal information sharing won’t give you a reason to discuss their problems, but to show some empathy and direct them to an organization that can assist them reach their permanent housing goals in the future.

8.  Increase Your Airbnb Booking Requests With A Simple Hack

Too many people believe that the time has passed to write good advertising copy to attract buyers for various products and services. The fact is you must write a good Airbnb description specifically targeting potential individuals increase your Airbnb booking requests. This works extremely well with very high-end or historic properties. The potential guest gets to hear your tone and gets a feel for your personality as well as some honest insight about the property they’re considering renting.

9.  Rent Your Entire Home On Airbnb And Generate Income While You Sleep

Most people think getting started on Airbnb is the hardest thing to do. But most people who have empty properties have never tried to rent it on Airbnb. Trust me, it’s much, much easier than you think. I should know, ten years ago, I got started on Airbnb. And, this was a few years after the 2008 economic crash. Luckily, now we still have Airbnb that uses software to analyze potential guest behaviors to figure out when they’re ready to book, BEFORE they’re ready to book. Even better, they generate your guest leads for you; so you can actually focus on preparing your home to make you money while you sleep.

10.  Use Airbnb To Rent Your Entire Space To A Professional Guest

Airbnb guest prospecting is one of the best ways to stake your claim in renting your entire space. If you want to rent your entire space, you’re going to have to get in front of people looking in your area on Airbnb. The only problem is that your area may already be blanketed with many hosts, which are your competition. With a little creativity, you can beat the competition to the chase before they get their listing posted. By using an ingenious strategy to ‘target’ and reach guests (i.e. professionals, relocating professional, pet-lovers, etc.) in your area, the response could be immediate and massive so much that you may have to decline bookings.

11.  Use Airbnb To Get Guests For Your Farmhouse In Local Areas

Airbnb uses some powerful analytics software that uses hundreds of data points from across the world and your local area to determine which areas in your targeted geographic area are most likely to get bookings. Rather than trying to market on Facebook, Craigslist, etc. communities, you can focus only on potential “targeted” guests (i.e. professional, relocating professional, etc.) who are most likely to book your entire farmhouse cottage. By using Airbnb, guests can focus only on property owners who are most likely to rent to them and/or ensure their booking request will be responded to.

12.  Connect With Pet-Lovers By Listing Your Entire Space On Airbnb

A great opportunity is to let potential guests know you offer your entire space on Airbnb to pet lovers. You will certainly get more bookings from people who simply can’t bear to leave their pets behind. More importantly, the guest will give you money to pay for renting your space, bed, tables, sofa, refrigerator, stove, etc. People love their pets and most people consider them members of the family. Being of service to offer your listing, as a temporary home is critical for both pet owner and pet. Pet lovers bond with other pet lovers. So create an Airbnb heading such as “An Entire Cottage For You And Your Pets’ or ‘A Farmhouse Cottage For You And Your Pets’. But, you have to be a pet lover yourself.

13.  Become An Airbnb Popular Mayor Of Your Entire Farm Cottage Listings

Let’s face it if you want to increase Airbnb bookings for your entire farm cottage listings, you need to stand out as a super host. The only problem is that everyone can’t become or maintain super host status. Luckily, there is a much better way to show off your super hospitality skills and local farm expertise to build lasting relationships with guests that lead to 5-star reviews. Airbnb hands you the keys to your own hyper-local listing that centers you as the “mayor” of hospitality or expert in your farm area. Pretty soon, your space will be booked solid for months. One cottage only allows a limited number of guests per local area, but what a treat it will be for a guest to find out your entire group of farm cottages are available.

14.  Pitch Your Airbnb Entire Home Listing To Your Favorite Guest

Don’t just write a boring description like everyone does, but pay special attention to pitching your Airbnb entire home listing to target particular guests. It’s not about “seeing” a guest prior to booking them, but it is about “accepting” the type of guest you want to rent to. To accomplish that, pay special attention to how you “word” your description and put emphasis on first-time Airbnb guests–ones that have never used it. At some point, your ideal guest will want to use Airbnb, so why not reach out to them with the description box to see if they are interested in your listing. If their plan is to travel to your area sometime in the future, offer to assist him or her with a strategy to learn the area so they’re ready to hit the ground running when they arrive for the new job or vacation.

15.  Use Airbnb To Generate Long-Term Entire House Guests

While your Airbnb competition is sitting back waiting for bookings to roll in, take the bold route, and create a bold listing. Sure, it’s a little intimidating to see your competition’s space stay booked. But, there is no better way to build the thick skin you need to become a super host or top-booking host. To become a hosting ninja, you’re going to need three things:  a great entire home to rent, exceptional hosting skills, and a good sense of humor.

16.  Rent Your Entire Charming Space On Airbnb To Avoid Foreclosure

Before a property owner starts to miss payments on a mortgage, and in case they end up having to foreclose, you should seriously consider renting your entire charming space on Airbnb. You can get started now before it is reported as a late payment to a credit agency, and well before they file a notice of default. This is an early indicator of a property owner who may need to think outside the box to make extra money sooner rather than later.

17.  Use Deep Insight On Airbnb To Book More Guests

Did you know that even after a potential guest books your entire space, they go back to Airbnb to look at more listings? That means that even if you accepted his or her booking request or immediate booking, there’s still a huge chance they will wind up leaving your home when their stay it ends, for someone else. It happens. Even worse, you will never even know it. If you want to retain good guests, then you will need to do more than provide a place for them to “stay”. Airbnb software provides deep insight on which amenities potential guests are viewing, and search for on the site. Airbnb list several features you need to include to make your listing more attractive. For example, your response rate should be 100%. Searches for stays in your area fluctuate from year to year. So Airbnb recommend that you provide more amenities such as:

Popular Amenities

Guests are searching for these amenities in your area. If you offer them, make sure it’s marked in your listing—or consider adding a few to attract guests.

  • Add WIFI—Guests want to stay connected
  • Allow pets at your place—Cats, dogs, iguanas?!
  • Add a hair dryer—One less thing for guests to pack
  • Set up a workspace or eating table
  • Highlight any free parking
  • Add air conditioning
  • Add an iron

Flexible Stays

Travel patterns continue to change, so guests are looking for easy to book, last-minute stays.

  • Offer self check-in—Lockboxes for easy entry
  • Let guests book instantly
  • Switch to a flexible cancellation policy
  • Lower your advance notice

Family Travel

More families are looking to travel to your area. Searches for family-friendly listings have increased.

  • Allow pets at your place—Cats, dogs, iguanas?!
  • Welcome children to your place—Ages 2-12
  • Welcome infants to your place—Under 2
  • Highlight any free parking

Remote Workspaces

Guests are looking for listings that help them stay productive out of the office.

Longer Stays

Many guests are now searching for weekly and monthly stays. Give yourself more chances to earn by updating your availability and length-of-stay discounts.

18.  Get Increased Booking Rates Using Airbnb Length-Of-Stay-Discounts

Did you know that Airbnb’s length-of-stay-discounts have a higher booking rate compared to a very short-term stay? The only problem is the rate and amount of money you make fluctuates based on the algorithm searches for your area. But by using the length-of-stay-discounts, potential guests are more inclined to choose your home because they can see a discount and how it is allocated. Even though it is automated, you still have control over your listing when you want to decline a booking, block dates on your calendar and more importantly charge a higher rate.

19.  Absentee Owners Rent Your Entire Charming Cottage On Airbnb

There is a huge difference between an absentee and an available owner. But there need not be a divide when it comes to renting an entire cottage on Airbnb. Just good old-fashioned listings that state “The property is as described” should be satisfactory to all involved without the owner’s physical presence being required. A potential guest is only interested in the “condition” of the property, the price and house rules. For instance, despite calling a ramshackle two-bedroom house a cottage and expecting bookings is misleading to say the least. To the contrary, being an absentee owner on Airbnb is more about creating a mind experience for the guest. In this changeable Real Estate market, absentee landlords are starting to see the value in maintaining a property for its appreciation and favor in a competitive market—especially on Airbnb for reoccurring passive income. It is without a doubt, the best option in the foreseeable future, if absentee owners rent their entire “charming” cottage on Airbnb.

20.  Hand Out Complimentary Seasonal Treats To Your Airbnb Guests

One suggestion during the holiday season to get more Airbnb bookings is hand out Christmas cards and candy canes, etc. to every guest. Spread a little holiday cheer with the candy canes, Halloween candy, etc. and, hopefully, pick up new guests all year as others read your five-star reviews. Everyone loves candy canes at Christmas. One other suggestion is print water bottle labels on your printer, and put six bottles in their space before they arrive. Your kindness and generosity will go a long way.

21.  Plan To Rent Your Entire Home On Airbnb For The Holidays

Since most of your fellow Airbnb competitors will head for the hills during the holidays, staying vigilant with your listings could mean more guests during the holidays. Here are a few tips on generating more bookings during the holidays. Use the fact that your entire Airbnb home is available during the holiday season as the dominant messaging in your description. Let potential guests know that you are going have holiday-themed events, such as a holiday-themed Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Open House… with spiced cider, and a jazz musician playing holiday music, which they are invited to attend. You can also take pictures of the property with some holiday decorations to use in your Guidebook and social media posts.

22.  Build And Advertise Your Entire Rental Home Brand On Airbnb

One of the most common misconceptions with online advertising is that you need to push your “personal” brand constantly. In reality, of course, most people are not looking for you. Many of them might not want to see you at all when they rent your entire home on Airbnb. Instead, build a brand that offers potential guests in or coming to your area something they want. That might mean WIFI, etc. Discover what potential guests in your area want most in an Airbnb homestay. After you do and include those amenities in your listing, you will generate consistent bookings and money over time.

23.  Become An Airbnb Host For Your Empty Nest

If you are an empty nester and someone who plans to move into an assisted living facility or home because your house has become too big and too lonely, consider filling your empty nest with paying guest to earn reoccurring passive income.  Some people are having difficulty getting a conventional lease, but are reliable and dependable long-term guests. Welcome guests to your empty nest and home away from home. Be sure to take advantage of the header and description box to add just the right words to attract and keep your guests with comfy beds and privacy.

24.  Renting Your Entire Home On Airbnb Is A Non Real Estate Event

If you’re treating your entire home rental like property management like everyone else, your odds of getting quality bookings are slim to none. Instead of going the same route as Real Estate agents, think outside the box and use the simple resources that Airbnb has given you such as Headline, Description, Length-Of-Stay-Discounts, Your Guidebook, and Amenities. Your next and subsequent bookings will come calling. Just be careful of trying to ‘sell’ to potential guests. Instead, describe your home for rent as a place they’ll truly enjoy with privacy! In the description box, give them all the answers that truly make your home on Airbnb shine. Even if you don’t get massive bookings, your home will stay booked and you will earn consistent reoccurring passive income.

25.  Find And Connect With Guests Faster Using Airbnb

eCommerce has hit the reset button in terms of expectations for customer service speed. When a potential guest is looking for more listing information about a property, they expect an answer IMMEDIATELY in your description. And, that can be a problem if your listing does not anticipate and answer those questions. Solve your potential guests problem within your listing. Airbnb monitors incoming guest leads and act as your own personal concierge, leading them through the “funnel”, qualifying them, screening them, and then connecting them straight to your inbox or phone without all the email or text messaging back and forth, saving you a ton of time and upping your response and booking rate.  Airbnb is great for property owners who want to find and connect with guests faster and get bookings. Remember that COVID-19 has reset eCommerce and eCommerce has reset customer service. Display your best customer service skills from the time you create your listing until the last day your guest is in your property. You got this!

Remember that Airbnb complies with Fair Housing Practices.

The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in housing because of:

  • Race
  • Color
  • National Origin
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Familial Status
  • Disability

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