Profitable Niche Site:   How To Build One That Makes Money

Profitable Niche Site
Profitable Niche Site:   How To Build One That Makes Money

Your Profitable Niche Site Is Waiting!

This post will show you how to set up a profitable niche site as well as how to create your very own affiliate web site step-by-step.

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Recently, I have posted several top profitable niche site ideas.

However, it occurred to me beginners need to learn a lot more information before you get started.

Although I covered the basic information about profitable niches, here are the steps in detail to build one that makes money.

Pick A Profitable Niche Site Title

This may be the hardest part of your web site project, but there are endless titles to choose from.

Searchers are interested in a variety of things and more choices the better in a particular niche.

You don’t have to pick something you’re interested in, but if it’s your passion, then it helps.

Internet marketers build multiple and profitable niche sites that are different all the time.

Beginners, however, are more likely to do a better job at building a site when you are interested in the niche.

Remember how some school subjects are more interesting than others.

Make sure you choose a niche that has a ‘hungry market’ or a ‘market with a lot of pain,’ etc.

Your niche market must be a lot of people searching online for more information about…

Here’s a free tool that will help you check the popularity of specific subjects:  Google Trends

Do Keyword Research For Your Profitable Niche Site

This is a step that many beginners skip, and I’ve made this mistake too and suffered a failed site.

It is a fool’s errand to think you can write anything you want without doing keyword research.

Without targeted keywords, searchers won’t find your site, thus there will be no traffic.

For example, the targeted keyword for this post is ‘profitable niche site.’

Also, make sure to use targeted keywords in the upper third portion of your website pages.

This is how optimizing your site is done for the search engines (searching for specific SEO).

Use the Adsense Keyword Tool for research:

  • Keep in mind that keywords must be relevant to the niche title of your site.
  • Be careful not to over use them because search engines don’t like keyword SPAM.

Get A Domain Name For Your Profitable Niche Site

Having a unique domain name is critical and preferably one that ends with ‘com.’

Do not underestimate the power of your unique keyword-rich domain name.

A unique domain name makes your site look more professional and trustworthy to visitors such as ‘Rural Money.’

I use and recommend Namecheap.

They are the cheapest, and I prefer them because of their user-friendly site and excellent customer service.

It is best to stick with one domain name service to manage in case you start different sites, in the future.

Write Keyword Rich Content For Your Profitable Niche Site

You may not consider yourself a writer, but if you can hack out articles without grammatical errors, well done!

I confess that when I started this website, I wrote a lot of content fast, without the SEO tools I have now.

But, I made sure that there were no spelling errors, which make you look like an idiot.:)

The social world can be cruel and unforgiving when they have to ‘struggle’ through your writing.

Writing for your website is like writing a letter to a friend or writing a paper for a high school or college class.

I don’t mean a dissertation, term paper or any other scholarly text.

Just think of writing in your journal or a letter… or having a conversation with a friend about a product or service you’re really excited about.

For more inspiration, watch YouTube video commercials to see how marketers spend several minutes talking about the benefits of all kinds of humdrum products…

This is what you’ll be doing for your website—and you’ll soon get the ‘hang of it.’

Your text should have a balance of how-to information, reviews, etc., friendliness and professionalism.

Just remember that you’re providing useful information to your visitor.

Put yourself in their shoes.

What would you want to know about the niche if you were in their shoes?

Well, write it down and don’t forget to write targeted keywords throughout.

Writing takes practice, time and inspiration, but if you wait for inspiration, you will always have ‘writer’s block.’

If your goal is a profitable niche site that makes money, then you must write!

Time To Build Your Niche Site

Let’s assume you have written your welcome page and a few articles for the main category.

Now, it’s time to build the actual physical website, or purchase a profitable niche site template.

I use, Income Activator and Site Build It! (afflinks), but there are many good point and click website builders.

With, you still have a lot of creative freedom on how you want your theme to look.

Tip: Visitors are looking for attractive, easy-to-navigate sites with useful information.

Time To Monetize Your Niche Affiliate Site

The great thing about using is the site already has monetization features built-in.

So, there is no need to look for affiliate vendors.

Adsense, Amazon, eBay and ClickBank can be easily integrated attractively into your website pages.

Adsense is still a great program for website owners who want their site to make money.

It’s easy to sign up and free.

While Google decides which ads will actually appear on your site, you can decide how the Google ads will look.

You can choose colors, borders, etc. and where to put them on your pages.

If you decide to offer more choices, don’t confuse your visitors by giving them too many.

If you want to list a lot of affiliates on the same page, you can create a helpful “resource guide” page.

Get Free Traffic For Your Profitable Niche Site

The good news is the articles you write with targeted keywords will be indexed by Google overtime, and bring free traffic to your site.

Search engine spiders love to find articles written about your niche title and categories.

When your posts are indexed and ranked, that will help give your profitable (affiliate) niche site much needed exposure.

It doesn’t matter if you write them yourself or hire others to write them for you.

All Internet marketers write articles to promote their site ultimately, and their products and services.

You will soon learn that articles, posts, guides, newsletters, eBooks, etc. are the reason the Internet is the “information super highway.”

If you’re serious about creating an affiliate site to make money, then print this post and refer to it often, as you go about creating a profitable niche site.