How To Start A Private Pawnbroker Service During Inflation

Private Pawnbroker Service
How To Start A Private Pawnbroker Service

During Inflation, Money Is A Take It Or Leave It Business!

Start a private pawnbroker service during inflation to make loans to desperate sellers because inflation favors those with ready cash.

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Silver and gold is a mercenary, cut throat, dog eat dog business.

If you have the balls to be the boss of your own ‘private’ pawnbroker service, you can come out on top during inflation.

Perhaps, Amschel Rothshield didn’t start out as a reputable dealer in the age-old borrow or sell trade.

He may have started out as a cold-hearted loan shark greedy to covet all of those precious jewels and trinkets.

I say cold-hearted because you have to be like a fish to be in this business.


Picture this scenario, when someone comes to you with a complete set of Wallace Sterling Silver, you have the option to:

  • Loan money on it
  • Buy it

Quite naturally, the customer will have an emotional attachment to the silver, which is a family heirloom.

After a few minutes of gut-wrenching, they bear to part with it for a while and consider a loan.

The second option is to offer the customer more money for the item than he/she expects to induce a sale.

That may sound unethical, but that is the way this business is done–take it or leave it.

The fact is, a loan doesn’t provide much money.

The customer will also be charged a high percentage of the amount loaned.

If the money is not paid back to the pawnbroker, then you get to keep the Wallace Sterling Silverware, etc.

This business plan bets on most people not paying back their loan.

Private Pawnbroker Service Is All About Details

Nowadays, it’s easy for customers to send pictures of items, which can be authenticated through images.

Don’t believe it?

Well, many years ago, that is how I had antique finds appraised.

However, if the item turns out to be a fake, you won’t be obligated to pay the same estimated price.

Forgeries and fakes are not new to the pawnbroker game.

Therefore, you have to have the right tools and be very careful about the details.

Silver And Gold Is A Buyer And Seller’s Market

A buyer’s market is characterized by low silver and gold inventory, which push up prices as investors compete for the limited commodities.

Many factors influence inventory levels, but you can be certain that many rural homesteaders have at least a set of Sterling Silverware…

In a seller’s market, competition between buyers can  mean the seller gets their asking price or even more.

The gold and silver market fluctuate frequently and sometimes dramatically, but a customer’s need to sell prized assets often outweigh market conditions.

This is a good side hustle for people in the estate sale business, which is waning from the good ole’ days.


When a negative economy sweeps across the country as it did in 2008, it’s a sure sign that the silver and gold market has swung in the pawnbroker’s favor.

What’s It Worth To You?

If you aren’t already a professional antiques broker or appraiser, you must find out what valuable items are worth.

In terms of figuring out the price of silver and gold, go to the website Kitco.com and study it.

Any business has to make a profit when they sell items.

Keep in mind that when your money is tied up in loans, you may not make a thing if the customer defaults on the loan.

Then, you will  have to sell the item.

Being a pawnbroker of items that may be of valuable is not too complicated if you already have experience dealing with personal property.

Although the market fluctuates with silver and gold, there are other items such as paintings, musical instruments, etc. that have excellent return on investment.

Above all, if you decide to do this homebased business, be a reputable person to do business with.

You may not want to advertise your service to the community, but you can get the word out discreetly through trusted friends that you will try to help if they have something that can be exchanged value for value.


This is not to skirt any laws, but just to get your feet wet to see if this is something you would like to do on a permanent basis.

During WWII, there were a few people with the financial means to help other cash-strapped neighbors who had to dispose of family heirlooms to feed their family.

When people are in need of taking care of their families, they may be willing to make unscrupulous deals to fill hungry bellies.

It is, however, a solid business plan for you to consider brokering the oldest and most enduring commodities.

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