6 Steps To Start A Private Garbage Pickup Business

Private Garbage Pickup Business
6 Steps To Start A Private Garbage Pickup Business

41% Of Rural Americans Need A Side Hustle Like This!

A private garbage pickup business is a great rural income opportunity if you own or can afford a pickup truck or a large van.

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With many local garbage pickup services reducing staff and using computerized dump trucks, there is a need for private independent contractor garbage “men”.

A Private Garbage Pickup Business Can Turn Into A Full-Time Job

If you don’t want to pickup garbage as a full-time business, startup as a side hustle.

There are plenty of rural opportunities to make money such as:

  • Moving people
  • Hauling off stuff
  • Helping businesses that don’t want to pay dumpster fees.

Step 1: What Equipment Do You Need To Pickup Garbage?

One would think that you need an actual garbage truck for this private business, but you don’t!

All you need is a large pickup truck or van and the right insurance for commercial use.

In addition, make sure that your healthcare coverage is adequate for this type of business concern.

Other Equipment You Need

In addition to a pickup truck, you’ll need thick straps to secure the garbage and junk you haul.

Also, a handtruck is an invaluable tool because it enables you to move several hundred pounds at once, with leverage.

Buy a ramp that extends from the ground to the back of your truck or van, which will enable you to roll things up with the handcart or move them up and down more easily.

Find several old blankets from around the house or Goodwill so you can wrap fragile items in them.

Don’t forget packing tape to wrap up your “treasure” bundles.

Last but not least, keep a standard toolkit and first aid kit in your vehicle, in case you need to dissemble anything, and get minor cuts.

Step 2: Don’t Forget Local Permits

Be sure to check with your local zoning office for any necessary permits.

It’s hard to know which permits each state and county require to enforce its own rules and regulations for garbage collection businesses, so check it out first.

Contact waste management companies that operate disposal and landfills in your rural area to determine what permits you need and how much they cost.

For example, some rural areas require waste collection companies to obtain county commercial hauling company permits.

Since you will only have one vehicle, the cost may be nominal opposed to a small fleet of vehicles.

Moreover, be preapred for your city or county to conduct an inspection of your equipment, facilities and proposed operating methods before the issuance of permits.

They want to make sure you follow their regulations regarding legal dumping procedures.

Step 3: You Need A Mobile Phone

Nothing is worse than starting a business and not being able to get calls from clients.

Or, if you have a reliable cellphone, make sure to pay the bill!

Step 4: Develop A Web Brand

You don’t necessarily need a website to start a garbage pickup business, but you need to establish your business presence on social media.

Join the chatter on Facebook groups under your business name is great way for “chatty women” to find and recommend your service.

By maintaining good rapport with you clients, you can be sure that your clients will recommend you.

At the end of the day, word of mouth whether virtual or oral, it is money in your pockets!

Step 5: Network For Clients With Business Cards

Have plenty of business cards on you at all times.

Give some to clients to give to other businesses and friends.

Keep some in your work vehicle and wallet.

And you might also consider using them as a coupon: “Present this card to get 15 percent off pickup!”

Step 6: How Much Can You Make Picking Up Trash?

The national average cost for this service is approximately $200+ per garbage pickup.

With determination to get the word out about your new business, and depending on your rural area, you could potentially average a few thousand or even several thousand dollars a week!

Yes, it’s a dirty job, but so is cash money.

Nevertheless, it’s a problem that every person and business have that needs a solution.

Waste management companies have more work than they can do, which is why trash remain on the street long after holidays, etc.

So if you don’t mind getting dirty, you can make some good rural money 💵 providing a service that will never go away, but will also help to eliminate climate change problems.

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