Power Outage: Off The Grid Handy Helpers For Self Reliance

Power Outage
Power Outage: Off The Grid Handy Helpers For Self Reliance

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If you’re looking for easier off the grid handy helpers to survive an emergency power outage, use self-reliant tools for everyday needs.

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The tools that I have written about have taken me from a homesteader that struggled and stressed about performing tasks during frequent power outages, to someone that no longer worries about emergency preparedness.

That’s why I am recommending these tools for you.

Some are free that I make myself and others are sourced from Amazon.

Start Fires Easier With Homemade Power Outage Fuels

Fire Starter Rolls

An inexpensive and safe alternative to liquid fuels, high-performance, light quickly and easily and burn 8-12 minutes.

Made of recycled toilet and kitchen rolls and pine needles.

Alcohol Cork Fire Starters

Reusable and unique, soak wine corks in alcohol or kerosene in a jar, place cork under logs and light.

Pine Cone Fire Starter

No more newspaper, kindling or mess, simply place dry pine cones under or between logs, light and enjoy a full fire in about 20 minutes, clean burning and non-toxic.

Power Outage Heroes

Olive Oil Lamps

Olive oil is 99% pure renewable fuel so it produces NO smoke or odor and can’t aggravate allergies.

It is safe since it can’t catch on fire if tipped over.

These simple lamps will burn renewable fuel like olive oil, vegetable oil or liquid fat or grease.

Olive oil lamps have been around since the Egyptians and with good reason: They are safe, bright and very simple to use.

Depending on the jar size, lamp will burn 4, 9, 12 or over 20 hours per fill.

Floating Wicks For Olive Oil Lamps

Ner Mitzvah Round Floating Wicks – 50 Count (Approx.), Large Cotton Wicks and Cork Disc Holders for Oil Cups – Bonus Wick Removal Tweezers

Wine Light Torches

Don’t toss those pretty wine bottles away.

Turn them into attractive, functional oil lamps to use anywhere in your home.

Fill a clean, dry bottle with lamp oil and insert wick and head.

EricX Light Wine Bottle Torch Kit 4 Pack, Includes 4 Long Life Torch Wicks ,Brass Torch Wick Holders And Brass Caps – Just Add Bottle for an Outdoor Wine Bottle Torch

Canning Jar Light

Recycle your canning jars as a kerosene lamp with a burner and chimney holder.

Oil LAMP Burner/Chimney Holders Lamplight Farms Style (M999) LOT of 5 New!

The Book Of Non-Electric Lighting

Author and expert Tim Matson describes in detail how to select, assemble, install and safely use and maintain all types of non-electric light sources, including:

  • Candlepower
  • Traditional kerosene lamps
  • Versatile Aladdin lamp
  • Liquid propane gas lights
  • Kerosene, paraffin and gas pressure lanterns
  • Incandescent mantle safety
  • Glass-fronted hearths and stoves.

The Book of Non-electric Lighting: The Classic Guide to the Safe Use of Candles, Fuel Lamps, Lanterns, Gaslights & Fire-View Stoves

How To Live Without Electricity And Like It

Living with alternative power doesn’t have to be a hardship.

This straightforward beginner’s guide helps you develop alternative sources to provide your home with light, heat, refrigeration, water and communication.

How to Live Without Electricity & Like It

Self-Reliant Water Solutions

Katadyn Emergency Drinking Water Tablets

Specially formulated to disinfect water when other methods are not possible.

Each tablet disinfects one liter (about 1 quart) of water for drinking or cooking.

Effective against viruses, bacteria, Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

Also, it removes bad tastes and odors.

Simply add a tablet to a quart of water and let sit away from sunlight for four hours.

Meets EPA microbiological water purifier test standards.

Katadyn Micropur MP1 Purification Tablets (20 count)

Old Settler Water Purifier

Purifies water in cisterns and wells by pulling dirt to the bottom.

Safe and effective compound of chlorine, salt, sodium bicarbonate and lime proven in decades of use by water treatment plants.

Old Settler Water Purifier

Water Tests multitest in-home test for chlorine, copper, nitrates, nitrites, alkalinity, pH, hardness, iron, bacteria, lead and hydrogen sulfide.

Drinking Water Test Kit for Home Tap and Well Water – Easy to Use Testing Strips for Lead Bacteria pH Copper Nitrate Chlorine Hardness and More | Made in The USA in Line with EPA Approved Limits

Great Tasting Water Everyday

Quenching, refreshing water is always on hand with this ingenious dispenser.

Made to keep up with busy households, it removes impurities like heavy metals, pesticides, limescale, even that foul chlorine taste and odor.

Outclasses ordinary pitchers with supreme construction.

Brita UltraSlim Dispenser with 1 Stream Filter-BPA Free, Extra Large 25 Cup, Slate

Berkey Water Filtering Systems

The powerful system can purify both treated and untreated water from such sources as remote lakes, streams, ponds and water supplies in foreign countries.

Pour “raw” water in top chamber and dispense sparkling clean water from lower chamber. Gravity does all the work.

Travel Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter with 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements

The Home Water Supply offers money-saving solutions to common water problems such as:

  • Bad taste
  • Pump malfunctions and contaminated wells
  • Sections on finding, moving, purifying, storing and conserving water.

The Home Water Supply: How to Find, Filter, Store, and Conserve It

Water: The Ultimate Cure–Discover how your drinking habits can cause (or cure!) your headaches, lower back pain, stress, depression, high blood pressure and more.

Water: The Ultimate Cure : Discover Why Water Is the Most Important Ingredient in Your Diet and Find Out Which Water Is Right for You

Washing Aids

Galvanized Wash Tub

Use for Monday’s laundry, your Saturday night bath, for watering livestock, as a planter, or fill with ice and keep drinks frost cold.

Benzara Multi-Functional Galvanized Metal Tub, Gray

Hand Wringer

Save money and time when drying clothes.

Remove up to twice as much water as a spin dry.

Quickly squeeze out clothing, sheets and blankets, etc.

WringMaster Clothes Wringer Hand Crank – Extra Wide 14″ Rollers – for Home, Boating, Camping, Laundry Dryer

Wrapping Up

I live in a rural area, but not miles from power lines.

During a power outage my dilemma is no lights, refrigeration, heat, washer/dryer, etc.

In perspective, I have heard from pretty reliable sources that the United States could face another unprecedented hardship and national emergency.

If it happens, then you need to be prepared with as many of these tools as you can get to live a simpler life and remain self-reliant.

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