Poverty In Rural America Could Be Alleviated With China’s 5 Year Plan

Poverty In Rural America Could Be Alleviated With China’s 5 Year Plan
Poverty In Rural America Could Be Alleviated With China’s 5 Year Plan

Most Areas With Poverty In Rural America Could Produce Its Own Unique Products And Services

Poverty in rural America could be alleviated with China’s 5 year plan by encouraging working poor residents to develop competitive industries.

These industries include agriculture, tourism and e-Commerce like China is doing to alleviate rural poverty from 2016-2020.

Poverty alleviation is not an impossible task for China to build an all-around prosperous society.

However, the U.S. is fast becoming the weakest link in the global poverty relief boom.

Even India and other countries in the developing world are on course to a middle-class society.

They’re trying to ensure that their rural poor have enough to eat and wear, and that they have adequate education, health services and housing, which mean they need to produce moderate incomes.

Poverty in rural America is multiplying and so far, rural politicians don’t have a plan or a clue how to lift its poor out of poverty.

Since rural America doesn’t have the resources that urban communities have, they should adopt what’s working in rural China.

China’s plan maintains the nation’s “precision-poverty relief measures” that feature a number of poverty-relief projects under the coordination of the government, market and society, which aim to:

  1. Break the development bottlenecks of poverty-stricken areas
  2. Help the poor boost their abilities to achieve self-sustained development.

Poverty in rural America has become a “regional problem” and Trump realizes this due to the rural voters who helped him win the election.

But, what he doesn’t realize is the rural poor need a five-year plan for poverty alleviation, now!

Trump’s $1 T infrastructure plan with some “rural trickle down” can wait.

Nobody In Government Is Talking About Poverty In Rural America

They aren’t talking about it as long as rural politicians and grassroots organizations are not doing anything about it.

Rural poverty relief is not on the United States agenda; and if it is on the rural agenda, then it is not high on the list.

A five-year plan to alleviate rural poverty in America could be as simple as writing a grant for a series of special programs to be launched to:

  • Create more jobs for the poor
  • Improve education
  • Improve health care
  • Develop competitive agriculture industries executed through the USDA Rural Development.

When poverty in rural America is alleviated with a five-year plan it will also guarantee basic living standards for people with disabilities who are unable to work.

How To Eliminate Poverty In Rural America With Online Opportunities?

There is no reason why most rural Americans should be living in poverty in the age of the Internet.

Those who are able to work could be producing their own unique products and be able to sell them online.

For example, Palmetto, GA is a rural township and considered remote from Atlanta, but Union City is approximately ten miles away where acting and dancing is a big industry.

Unemployed people in rural Palmetto could produce and/or sell a range of costumes that can be sold on Amazon, the nation’s largest e-commerce platform, including eBay.

There are opportunities for rural households to take advantage of emerging industries by starting a home-based Amazon e-commerce business, which could spark a local boom.

It could be so easy for the local rural government to release guidelines calling for a massive expansion of e-commerce in rural areas as part of the fight against poverty.

The ideas and possibilities are endless such as painting background canvases and backdrops, and creating general performance costumes, which offer a larger consumer base.

As part of rural governments’ poverty alleviation program, they could sponsor e-commerce and clothing production training classes, etc., provide low-cost loans (like the Goodwill Now Program), and encourage successful businesses to hire locals who remain unemployed.

If rural America continues to have many people living below the national poverty level in 2020, it will affect the overall quality of life.

In 2015, countries adopted the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals To Transform Our World—to end poverty and ensure prosperity for all, but America apparently opted-out.

Since two of the biggest Internet giants—Amazon and Google have an industrial presence near some rural areas, they may be willing to offer its support to a five-year plan to speed up the rural economy.

They may be open to signing agreements with rural governments to spur e-commerce development in the name of poverty alleviation.

How To Reverse Poverty In Rural America With A Skilled Workforce?

Despite optimism about a 5-year plan, many rural areas mired in poverty may have difficulty capitalizing on the e-commerce boom.

And Trump’s infrastructure plan may not provide any support.

Rural areas must think outside the box to expand logistics and training to bring residents up to speed.

Every town needs people with skills adapted for the new e-commerce economy because outsourcing is not an option to reverse poverty in rural America.

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