Rural Decor: How To Piece Together A Guest Room For Under $40

How To Be Frugal And Stylish In Harsh Economic Times

I re-purposed three twin quilts for a daybed, wall hanging, and window decor.

With this easy and inexpensive idea, I pulled together a guest room with shabby country furniture and accessories found at thrift stores that I already had.

This room won’t win a beauty contest, but it will keep a tired guest off the floor.


3 twin size comforter quilt sets – $15

2 decorative curtain rods – $20


Step 1. Spread one dust ruffle and quilt on a foldaway bed.

Step 2. Add pillows to the three pillow shams and place them as a back rest against the wall.

Step 3. Hang one curtain rod over the daybed and drape one quilt over it.

Step 4. Hang the second curtain rod on the window frame and drape the third quilt over it.

Done! I’ll update the pics after the room is freshly painted.

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