Be Your Own Boss With A Photo Button Business For Every Niche

Photo Button Business
Be Your Own Boss With A Photo Button Business For Every Niche

Here Is A Quick-Start Business You Can Begin For Less Than $30!

With a photo button business, you can earn hundreds of dollars a day; and it’s a quick-start business you can start with a little money.

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A photo button, or badge, is composed of a photograph or slogan pressed into a disc that has a pin in the back so it can be fastened to clothing.

I much rather have a button that is nostalgic and eye-catching than a mug or T-shirt.

Buttons are bought to be worn by sweethearts, proud grandparents, little league or bowling teams, etc.

You are only limited by your imagination with this idea.

The only tools you’ll need to get started is a photograph copy and a small button crimping press.

But, you’ll do much better setting up a web site and a Facebook page, showing samples on Instagram, selling them on Wish, etc.

Put up professional-looking button images to attract customers to your buttons.

Display sample buttons showing children, babies, happy family groups, shots of club members, campaign slogans, and so on.

Do you realize people always buy campaign memorabilia of their favorite candidate long after the election?

There is no need to set up a photography-style studio at home for a home based business unless you want to.

Simply operate your online photo button business where ever there is social media and an Internet connection.

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Additional Photo Button Income

You can also enclose pictures in key chains, greeting cards with an open circle cut in the front, wood plaques, kitchen magnets, etc.

Ways To Use Buttons

In addition, you can make and sell imprinted badges that contain a slogan, or drawing–just like the ones that used to be sold in record stores and novelty shops.

This is another great online and home based income opportunity!

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Image by Gerd Altmann