Party Plan Blog: Create An Ultimate Party On Facebook

Party Plan Blog
Party Plan Blog: Create An Ultimate Party On Facebook

Turn Your Group Into A Party 🎈 Plan Selling Machine!

Do you realize you can make money easily by creating a party plan blog on Facebook and sell through online group parties?

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While many moms and homesteading seniors are trying to figure out how to create a money-making blog, you could be creating a party plan blog on Facebook.

There are many “groups” on Facebook, but how many are making money as a blog with party plan selling?

I don’t mean “just a Facebook party”.

A party plan blog is your own direct sales market place within a group on steroids where invitees can also get your best information for your niche theme products and services.

The information you provide must be about something your guests and members need.

You don’t need to be a skilled writer, just be able to deliver well-written content, without typos and misspelled words, that enable invitees/members to do something such as crafts, canning, gardening, etc. that they can make a living.

After all, you will be recruiting others to join your party plan blog, read your information and resources, and buy what you are selling.

How To Conceptualize Your Party Plan Blog?

Your direct sales blog combined with party plan selling is one of the most successful types of product marketing ever invented.

There is no need to worry about zoning laws because this type of marketing works anywhere online.

Even in the smallest rural community, and anyone can learn to do it.

Any commercial product line, including jewelry, cosmetics, cleaning products, kitchenware, lingerie, toys and gifts, will sell on your ultimate Facebook party plan blog.

And, many individual craft producers will also find online group party plan blogs to be a terrific way to sell handcrafted merchandise, craft and needlework kits, and patterns.

The party plan blog is a method of sharing relevant information and marketing products by hosting what is presented as a social event at which products will be offered for sale.

A Facebook Party Plan Blog Is Simple

Your Facebook party plan blog group arrange for parties to be held by members, friends or relatives, who in turn suggest the names of other friends and relatives who might like to join your party plan blog and hold an online party.

A host or hostess at each party supplies virtual refreshments and earns a financial prize, etc. according to the sales volume of the party and the number of additional parties booked.

The party plan blog host or hostess plans the presentation, supplies any necessary game or door prizes, and displays wares for sale.

Orders are taken, but merchandise is not delivered until later (drop shipped).

Since the orders are drop shipped, there is no need to collect money, and is recommended to discourage later cancellations.

How To Setup Your Facebook Party Plan Blog?

Direct sales on Facebook are the center of Social Media commerce, since Facebook is the most used social network with more than one billion users.

That is why it is quite possible that your objective-audience is present on this platform!

Online sales parties are the place where your prospects interact with your group and decide if they are interested in joining, buying, and having a party.

Also, that is why you must take advantage of the duration of the event!

And here, I’ll show you how.

Before anything else, you must choose your format for the location of your Facebook party plan blog.

For this type of party plan, you will choose to create a Closed Group on Facebook: This is another option for creating sales parties, offering discretion, the ability to publish automatically and send private messages to all the participants.

Create Your Party Plan In A Closed Group

The first thing you must do in the process, when you organize an online sales party, is to go on Facebook and create a group with the name of your proposal.

Then, you must set the desired privacy settings as a Closed Group.

Right away you must add a profile picture or attractive banner and reference, so that it informs your attendees about the proposal.

Tip: Use tools such as Canva that is a free, image creator. This type of tool allows you to design the banner for your party quite easily; making sure that it has the correct dimensions, and therefore, allows you to upload it to Facebook so it can be displayed on any device used by your guests. Or you can find a freelancer on Fiverr.

You also have to enter a description about your objectives of the group.

Tip: if you have a website, remember to add the link in the description of your party. It is imperative that you ask your web site subscribers for permission so you can add them to the party plan blog group. This will help you rest assured that the participants are really interested in your proposal.

To do this, you can send private messages to future attendees.

This way you avoid sending a spammer message, while you increase your chances of selling your products to people who are openly interested in participating in your party.

Invite a maximum of 50 people to your party plan blog.

This allows you to establish quality interactions with the attention that each participant needs.

Finally, tell your guests about leaving the group and disable notifications with a post explaining this at the beginning of each party.

This will help you significantly reduce the chances of being reported as spam and avoid Facebook from blocking your account.

So, do your best to avoid Facebook jail.

Once your party plan blog on Facebook has begun, share the following contents to maintain high engagement:

  • Promotional games: Propose challenges so your users visit your product catalog or your website and award the winners. For example, you can show images with product details and ask for the name of the model or how many products are in stock, etc. (similar to what Naked Wines does). The idea is that these activities entertain your audience and bring them closer to your sales proposal. Therefore, you can invite people to visit your online store through fun instructions as the one mentioned and reward them with prizes.
  • Information about your Products or Services: Stagger game posts with publications where you offer information about your products or services, though computer graphics, images with text, videos, etc. The idea is to stimulate sales, showing your audience the advantages of your products and why they should buy them, how they can take advantage of them, how they can be used, etc. These are excellent ways to add content to your blog posts, too.
  • Winner Announcements: Stagger the previous contents with posts to announce the winners of each game and offer them prizes based on your products such as a free kit. Remember to add images of each prize! The objective of handing out prizes is double: On the one hand, it encourages audience participation during the sales party, and on the other it promotes the use of your products and its dissemination.

You must consider 3 key points to ensure that you have a successful party and they are the following:

  1. Offer Sales Incentives. Since this is a sales party per se, you are offering buying incentives to your guests. Offer free shipping for purchases over a certain amount, or promotions such as “Buy 3 and get 1 free”, this will help you encourage your buyers.
  2. Avoid being penalized by Facebook! To avoid this the best thing is to avoid tagging people in your images, but do so in the comments. Facebook happens to mark images that don´t belong to users as spam and have people tagged in them. Share the URL of your website in the Group information section, and only do so in blog posts that are extremely necessary. Or, if you paste the same link several times in different texts, this can also be considered spam.
  3. Once your party event is finished, it is ideal to get people to keep talking about your event and generate expectations for your next direct sale on Facebook. There are several strategies you can put in place such as:
  • Post The Winners. If you have not done so before, once your event has concluded, a good idea is to create a post to announce the winners of your games, so your guests are aware of the prizes they can win the next time.
  • Raffle Something Among Participants. Give an incentive to your guests to show them that their participation made a difference. That way you can give away one of your products and personalize the packaging with the name of your “sales party”.
  • Post Ads. The day after you hold your sales party, share with the Group ads about your next event, discount days, special promotions, contact details and much more.
  • Invite Your Audience To Subscribe To Your Newsletter With A Private Message. Create a post to invite users to share their emails by private message so you can send them email marketing campaigns and advertising on Facebook.
  • Publish The Rewards Of Your Hosts. If you work with hosts or Group administrators, it is recommended that you publish rewards won by achieved sales. This will encourage others to join your sales proposal.
  • Send Private Messages Thanking Their Participation. Alternatively, you can send thank you messages to your attendees, to thank them for participating and to invite them to stay in touch.
  • Invite Others To Send Suggestions. Another constructive way to maintain interest and generate interactions is to invite those who attended your party to give you suggestions about what they would like to happen during the next event.

These are some of the possibilities you have in order to keep an interest in your proposal, once the party has finished.

In all cases, do not abuse private messages or group publications, so you do not tire your audience.

It is also suggested that you create a spreadsheet on Google Sheets or Excel in order to register the number of people you have invited to your Facebook Parties, and distinguish between how many of them have actually attended your events.

This will help you recognize and care for your clients.

In the same spreadsheet, you can add personal information you´ve collected from each user in order to create your own database.

This will not only serve for marketing campaigns, but will also allow you to measure the extent of your broadcast.

Finally, if you have the time and the money, it is a good idea to create, personalized merchandising with the name of each sales party on Facebook (Examples: calendars, party plan drive, etc.), so you can deliver with each product sold.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Party Blog?

Use the best tools to help you optimize your work time and increase your sales.

As it is known, creating a sales party on Facebook without the much-needed organization can become a cumbersome and demanding task.

Now, imagine that you have to organize three parties simultaneously!

In this regard, I will show you what the proven and effective techniques are so you can reach your objectives successfully.

The first thing you need to do is define the script or program of your sales parties.

This is done by establishing the standard structure for all your online parties.

By doing this, you will save time and work in an organized fashion.

To work with a script significantly simplifies the process of creating and selecting contents to be shared for each event.

Home Parties And Direct Sales Business Opportunities

If you’re looking for a home-based business opportunity that doesn’t require a large start-up investment or strong e-commerce skills, home business party sales might be right for you.

With direct sales companies, you can sell products from home via social media websites or home parties.

The only difference is, you will be hosting your parties on Facebook!

A party plan blog on Facebook is an excellent income opportunity idea for moms!

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