Paint House Numbers On Curbs Underground In Rural And Urban Areas

Painted House Numbers On Curbs Underground
Paint House Numbers On Curbs Underground In Rural And Urban Areas

This Service Is Needed In Almost Every Rural And Suburban Area In The Country!

The easy and fun way to make money is paint house numbers on curbs underground, which is great for spring and summer, but not for rainy days.

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You can make a mask out of cardboard to leave a rectangle about 18 inches long by 6 inches high.

Hold it against the curb and spray it either black or white.

Get a set of stencils from a hardware store.

Numbers 5 inches high by 3 inches wide are about right.

After the background dries, place the stencil over the curb and spray paint the house number on the background using a contrasting color, such as white, black or yellow.

It only takes a few minutes to paint the number.

Spray paints are sold at any hardware store.

If you are an artist, paint a memorable design, approved by the homeowner, of course.

This service is needed in almost every rural and suburban area in the country.

New housing tracts are good prospects but, so are older homes.

Rain, snow, and sun wear the numbers off after a few years and they will need to be repainted.

Do not waste time trying to get apartment house supers or tenants to pay for your work.

Homeowners are the easiest to sell this service.

Charge what seems reasonable to your customers.

I suggest about $5-$10 per house.

If you have a bicycle, motorcycle, or car use it but, you could use public busses if you had to carry your paints in a back pack.

While the background is drying, knock on the doors of nearby homes and tell the housewives that you are doing Mrs. Jones’ house, and would she like her number painted too while you are there.

Often several homes in a row will want you to paint their number on the curb.

Then you may get ten turn downs in a row.

Don’t be discouraged.

It is a numbers game so knock on enough doors and you will make good money.

This is a casual business that few large firms would bother with but, it is ideal for summer vacations for high school and college students.

Saturdays are the best day to catch people home.

Have a card printed, which reads “Sorry I missed you. I paint house numbers on curbs. Only $5.

If you would like me to paint your house number, call me at 555-555-5555 to make an appointment.”

Increase your business for a small cost by leaving one in the mailbox of every house where no one is at home.

A rubber stamp might be cheaper than printing cards.

Most people will pay you cash but, if you get a check, stop by the bank it is written on.

If you have a driver’s license, you will be able to cash it.

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