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Economic Survival Is The New Rural Good Life Not Shopping

Economic Survival

Retail vs Your Economic Survival Economic survival is learning to thrive on less money than you have ever dreamed possible, although some people think this mean buying things cheaply. Tonzaā€™s Editorial ā€“ Even though I, too, love bargains, compulsive shopping and spending is not my goal. In fact, our cultureā€™s relentless effort to obtain as much as we can, as cheaply as we can, has cheapened our lives. And, our essential economic survival skills have been forgotten or lost in the process. As a result of this, Walmart is the largest and most profitable business in the world. Retail Is A Zero Sum Game For Economic Survival Walmart and similar companies sell a lot of stuff at low prices. But, the economic survival of rural Americans isnā€™t about getting a lot of stuff at low prices. It is about: Consuming less more intelligently Making a critical distinction between wants and…

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