Outsource Your Life to Make Money in Rural Areas

Outsource Your Life
Outsource Your Life to Make Money in Rural Areas

The Ultimate Guide for Outsourcing Your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities to Make Money Anywhere!

People are always telling me that they don’t know how to make extra money, so I tell them to outsource your life with what you have at hand.

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If you have a brain, phone, laptop or desktop, and an Internet connection, you can make money.

If you don’t know how to do something, buy a monthly subscription.

You can’t afford to wait for money to physically manifest because money will soon become digital currency, therefore, you need to be in the flow to get your share.

If you want details on h ow exactly to make money using some of my rural money strategies, go to my store,

Click on the buy button of the one you want to learn more about.

These e-Reports are really inexpensive and will give you the practical steps you need to get started and succeed.

I promise if you follow my exact steps, you will succeed!

Practical Ways to Outsource Your Life to Make Money In Rural Areas

I want you to have ideas that show you h ow many ways there are to make a sustainable income.

If you can duplicate your ideas, even better.

Teach others how to do it for you and make money endlessly off of just one sale.

Inventions Image Credits

Money-Making Ideas

Inventions: Instead of inventing a product, find someone with a patent who doesn’t know how to market it, and sell it for them. Hire commission-only sales representatives if you are not strong in sales skills. Go to and find individuals with patents for things you consider interesting. Talk with them to see if you can sell, promote, or market their product.

Real Estate: Instead of owning a house and selling it, find a house that is for sale at a great price then get it under contract. Where it says BUYER, write your name and the verbiage “and/or assigns.” This gives you the right to resell the house to an investor and make money on the spread. You get an assignment fee, often $5,000 to over $30,000, that is guaranteed at settlement. Each state has different rules regarding this, so make sure to research before you take action.

Affiliate Sales: Become an affiliate of a product. Go to to find a product you want to sell, one that has a hungry, large group of buyers, and promote it. You will be given a link to track your sales and will be paid just for referring people to the product. Hire someone who is an expert at getting traffic or doing Cost per Acquisition (CPA) deals. This means you will have a lot of people looking at the deal and won’t pay until money is in your account.

Joint Ventures: You can become a Joint Venture Specialist by finding someone with a product they are having difficulty in marketing. Then find someone else who has a large list of people who buy similar products or services. Introduce the two parties, all while taking 10 to 50 percent cut for your work. Start local or with vendors you are already working with, and start small so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Information Products: Create a case study information product by recording interviews with experts who have a large following and sell the product to that market. Promote a free online class, record it using and sell the recording in a mp3 downloadable format or as a CD that can be shipped. If you are not technical, put up an ad or hire a local student or neighborhood kid to help so the interview is recorded and burned properly. The mp3 format of downloadable audio is an awesome alternative to a compact disc because you don’t have to physically ship anything and there is no artwork needed. You can sell on iTunes, Audible or to the experts list, and you can create joint ventures with others who want to make money selling your interview. Make sure it’s great quality information and well produced. Go to my store,, to purchase e-reports that provide details on some of my strategies.

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Write a Book: Creating a book can actually be a fairly simple process. Start by recording yourself and experts discussing a topic that interests you, then hire a transcriber at a site like You can then hire an editor, artist, graphic de signer, ghostwriter, if you’re not a good writer, at a site like or Fiverr (afflink). Obtain an ISBN number then go to a self-publishing site at to sell your book. You can do a print-on-demand book at no cost until you sell one. Another alternative is an eBook, which doesn’t incur any printing or shipping costs. Go to my store,, to purchase e-reports that provide details on some of my strategies. I promise if you follow my exact steps, you will succeed! Another great thing about eBooks? They are environmentally friendly. If you want to be a best-selling author, want to self-publish, and have $5 to $15,000 to invest, you can still put together an amazing team with a proven track record that can help you out on Fiverr (afflink).

Buy Information and Resell It: If you want to get started, but don’t have an actual product, find countless digital products to promote at sites like or People sell finished products, i.e. e-books, online videos and site memberships, often for very little money. Find a product that grabs your attention and fits your personality, one that has excellent value. Make sure there are enough people searching for that subject to ensure a built-in audience. Purchase often includes ownership. In other words, you can put your name on the book or website. Be sure you can easily forward the site to friends online via social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook. You hire a sales team with innovative ways to sell the product that gets paid only when they get other people to look at your offer i.e. CPA Marketing. The site takes care of payments, provides a safe and secure marketplace, and keeps track of sales, then pays you and your sales force.

Sell Stuff on eBay…: What do you have of value that you don’t use anymore? Sell it online, quickly and easily. Registering for an account on either site is simple and you’ll find tutorials showing you exactly what to do. You’ll need a digital camera and information on the product, a video is great, too. Once you get the hand of it, you can make money from a cramped cubicle or in a beachside hammock. Drop shipping companies allow you to purchase products for wholesale and post them for retail sale, then they ship them for you. Search the term drop shipping. You can get awesome prices on laptops, cameras, iPods, and all sorts of stuff people want. Do a search on eBay also. Find what items most people are searching for and what they are willing to pay. Then find a drop shipper, compare prices, get references, and check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to ensure they are legit. Soon, you’ll have hungry buyers ready to purchase. It can’t get much easier that than that!

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I might dust off an old defunct app that people are still trying to access!

Create Apps for Smartphones and Social Networking Sites: This a huge, ever-expanding industry and people are making a lot of money with new game, communication, and business ideas. Think of how big the market for smartphone applications is. In just two years, companies have made hundreds of millions of dollars creating games for people to download on the their phones, and with mobile Internet usage projected to surpass desktop usage, a mobile presence is becoming more and more essential. Use your creativity to come up with a great idea and take advantage of that need.

Does any of these app ideas interest you?

Case in point, a developer who loves to fish and who’s now a multimillionaire, created an application allowing the users to cast a line and reel in a catch by waving their phone.

Another flute-loving developer created a million-dollar business by turning your phone into a woodwind instrument.

If you’re not technically inclined, no worries.

Search terms like Facebook application developers, smartphone application developers, or iPhone iPad applications developers on Fiverr (afflink).

This is a great way to research the process, costs, and who’s out there doing it.

Or, you can post the job and gather bids for the best price at sites like or

Present your idea and get it made at great prices.

Ask for a quote or pay $10 to $20+ an hour for a finished product.

Tax Liens: You can make a profit of 16 to 50 percent on tax liens. Search the term tax liens. Most counties in the United States pay people to repay back taxes on properties for a great percentage return. You could end up paying pennies on the dollar for a house that’s on a toxic dump site or in a neighborhood with strict homeowners association rules where you get fined for not mowing the lawn. Make sure that any system you purchase to teach you how to do this uses current information, as it changes often. Also, be sure it’s not a scam and that it gives you both the good with the bad ab out doing tax liens.

Barter: Instead of paying for services, trade them. You can even get paid to arrange this for others. The Home Shopping Network (HSN) started because someone had too many can openers and sold them using the media. Now it’s a billion dollar business. You can barter to get free press, free airfare, free hotel, free products, free services, and it’s only limited by your imagination. Search online for the barter to find huge online communities that swap millions of dollars worth of services and products daily.

Never make money an excuse for anything in life!

Owning Vending Machines, Laundromats, Automated Car Washes, Billboards, Mobile Home Parks: There are countless stories about people making loads of money automatically or with little work. Search these terms and get information on ownership with little to to no money.

Create Your Own Business: If you have a skill you’ve been using to make someone else a lot of money and you haven’t been sharing in the profits, then it is time for you to be your own boss. How do you think China came up in the last 30 years?! You can find clients because of your skills, charge less in the beginning, or charge commission only. Outsource by hiring virtual assistants, commissioned-based salespeople, etc. You don’t ever have to do it all alone.

Become a Coach: If you have something you can teach, or are a trainer or coach, get a high-definition video camera and record 4 to 12 video lessons demonstrating easy-to-follow step-by-step systems that are proven to work, based on results. At the end of each lesson, offer action steps as homework so your student acts on what you teach.

Your class can be 15 to 60 minutes. Remember that typical attention spans are short, if you can keep it concise, your video will rocket!🚀 Offer only the juiciest, most valuable information based on what works. Make sure your students can easily become action heroes after taking your class. You need to be a passionate and enthusiastic expert, teaching based on your skills and not book knowledge.

You will create one video to be offered free of charge that gives potential students an overview of what the class teaches them. Tell everyone who you are, why you are qualified to t each, and what mistakes and experiences made you an expert. What system did you find or created that worked best to address problems most people have? What outcome can your students expect by taking the class? Review the benefits: In Lesson 1 you will learn… In Lesson 2 we cover… Give some great nuggets of secret information that entice them into purchasing access to your full-length lessons. Then say, ‘If you like that, you will love my class!”

When they’ve signed up and go to take your class, offer a lesson that is 30 minutes or so. Show them exactly how to do what you don in a simple, easy-to-follow- format. Promise that if they follow your exact steps, they will succeed.

If you need to demonstrate how to do things on a computer, editing movies or organizing your music files, for example, use screen recording software like Camtasia or Captivate. Presentation software like PowerPoint or even just a simple white board can also better illustrate key points or steps.

You must offer a free video, a money-back guarantee, and have a lot of passion and energy when you teach. Post your content online on YouTube. This is the go to place for videos, vlogs, webisodes, webinars, online classes, shopping, conversation, and masterminding. You do the work once, update when necessary, and get paid forever! And don’t forget to let your talented friends know about this.

Advertise Your Website: If you have a website that reaches 10,000 or more unique people a month, you can most likely get some ad revenue. Your blog or site must be insightful, well-designed and well-written. Advertisers and collaborators are seeking sites that strive to be inspirational and committed to making a difference on the planet.

Have I Outsourced My Life to Make Money in a Rural Area?

When I first started out in business, I felt as if I had to do everything myself.

I couldn’t afford to get help, and I was always exhausted.

I want to reassure you that there are people who can help you!

It’s clear now how powerful you really are, isn’t it?

You have contacts, friends, and influencers in your immediate world who support your clear visions and goals.

Now that you are thinking of who you know, it is easier to understand that there are many talented strangers who would love to support you within any budget, particularly on Fiverr (afflink).

There Are So Many Ways to Make Money in Rural Areas

If you have a day job, keep it for now.

If you just got laid off, congratulations!

Of course, you may have some reservations about moving forward.

The steps you will need to take to succeed to outsource yourself may not be those that you are good at.

They may be tedious or you just may not have the expertise you need to succeed.

We typically6 spend too much time doing what we don’t love.

And, that doesn’t work for anyone.

Now, after reading this article, you have learned you can outsource all the stuff in your life that you don’t like anymore and make money!

I have taken away you excuses for not initiating your dreams because you need help, can’t afford it, don’t know how to find qualified people, don’t have an office, etc.

Hire People to Do the Things That are not Your Strengths

If you don’t have money right now, no worries, you can barter.

What are you good at?

Trade that skill for the one you need.

If you can cook or organize and some else knows how to get traffic to your website, trade services.

Don’t exchange money, just ex change talents.

Stop your excuses and barter!

If you are not great at selling, marketing, or promoting yourself, find someone who is and ask them to work for you on a commission-only basis and no money out-of-pocket up front.

Find interns to work for free, students who need school credits, or a referral.

10 Cost-Saving Ways to Find Help

Here are some more cost-saving ways to find help:

  • If you want a sales person, place a free listing on advertising the position as “commission only.”
  • If you need a designer, call colleges that offer academic programs specializing in what you need and offer the position to a student interns.
  • If you need a secretary, hire a virtual assistant.
  • If you need a transcriber, go to
  • Need people to come to your website so you can make sales? Hire a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert at Fiverr (afflink). They will help get people to see your ads so you can make sales.
  • If you need a filmmaker, Google demand studios or check with the local college, or Fiverr (afflink).
  • Need a writer, editor, designer, programmer, or a multitude of other professionals? Connect and invite their bids at (afflink),,,,
  • If you need to be organized go to Fiverr (afflink).
  • If you have extra stuff that you don’t need, get rid of it. If you don’t know how to set up your store, go to Fiverr (afflink)!
  • For more resources, search

Wrapping Up

Whatever you can think of doing, you can find someone outsource for it, sometimes for as little as $3 to $15 an hour.

Hire individuals from the Philippines or India, local grade school students, high school and college.

You are not taking advantage of anyone.

Overseas, you will get college-educated, English speaking, technical geniuses working while you sleep.

There is always someone looking for work in rural areas.

They work while you relax or do what you love; and they bring in more income for you than you are paying out to them.

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