7 Ways To Enjoy Outdoor Cooking When The Power Goes Off

Outdoor Cooking
7 Ways To Enjoy Outdoor Cooking When The Power Goes Off

DIY Outdoor Cooking Is Better Than The Flintstones! #outdoorcooking #ruralmoney #rural #money #ruralareas

If you’re not used to outdoor cooking, now is the time to get familiar with using one or more of these methods in your outdoor kitchen.

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That is to say, your “soon to be outdoor kitchen”.

You’re wrong if you think the only way to cook and enjoy food is cooking it on a conventional stove.

Besides, I have it on good authority that Americans are going BACK to the Stone Age!

If that’s true, then we need to start learning how Wilma and Betty cooked on firebrick stoves!

They had a stone house, but it was like living outdoors.

Seriously, if you want a place where you can cook meals outdoors like the Flintstones’ did, convert your patio, porch or shed into an outdoor kitchen.

Then, try using one or more of these methods to cook like the pioneers.

As many can attest, the results are sure to please anyone longing for a hot meal.

That reminds me of my dad taking my sister and me camping and frying chicken on an open fire.

Deep Camp Dutch Oven Cooking

Use a cast-iron Dutch oven and coals to bake or cook anything you would in an indoor oven outdoors around the campfire. For more about Dutch oven cooking, visit Tim Farmers Country Kitchen Cowboy Campfire.


Purchase a smoker or build your own to smoke homemade meat, cheese or make jerky.

Open Fire

Cook over an open fire with a roasting stick, spit, cast-iron skillet or Dutch oven.

Solar Oven

Build your own solar oven or buy one already made such as the All American Solar Oven or the All Season Solar Oven.

Dehydrating Food

Use the power of the sun to dehydrate vegetables, fruit and herbs, which is just like cooking it. It can also cure your garlic and onions. Just make sure not to dry items in direct sunlight, but in a dry area with good ventilation. Try the Food Dehydrator Hanging Food Pantry Dehydration System Non Electric, Environmentally Friendly, Natural Way to Dry Foods. Click the link below:

Food Dehydrator Hanging Food Pantrie Dehydration System Non Electric, Environmentally Friendly, Natural Way to Dry Foods. 5 tray Dehydrator

Propane Camp Stove

A propane stove and grill will allow you to cook even if it you don’t have gas or electricity or in any type of weather. If you have a propane stove with a burner, you can also use a propane stove to can items.

Adobe Oven

Roast a chicken, meat and vegetables, bake all kinds of bread and desserts outdoors in an easy-to-build adobe oven.

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