Other People’s Mess Can Make You A Lot Of Rural Money

Other People's Mess
Other People’s Mess Can Make You A Lot Of Rural Money

Spot Other People’s Mess And LURN How To Earn From It!

Some people can’t stand watching their messy kitchen, office, etc. so make money by organizing other people’s mess.

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Busy people have ZERO time and strength left to organize various spaces in their home.

So they are looking for people who specialize in organizing kitchen drawers and cabinets, etc.

Customers will be amazed at how you can come over and just a couple of hours later… Poof!

Their kitchen, bathroom, basement, garage… is all neat and tidy.

Customers will appreciate labelling what’s in each drawer and cabinet for easier use and to keep the kitchen tidy as long as possible.

For this service, customers are HAPPY to pay $500!

So why am I telling you this?

How can this help you make money?


How To Get Paid Cleaning Other People’s Mess?

An average customer is just one of the millions of people all over the world who are too busy to do things like these on their own.

These folks are happy to pay good money to people who will clean other people’s mess.

And, it’s not just organizing people’s kitchens that can make you some nice rural money.

You can do a whole bunch of things you already know how to do, and turn them into a nice rural income for yourself and your family.

Things like:

  • Sit and listen to people’s life stories and complaints.
  • Transcribe their videos and podcast episodes.
  • Organize their day.
  • Answer their emails.
  • Use simple software online to help them do/create things.
  • And many others.

The question is how?

How do you pick which type of gig to offer?

How do you set your price?

How to find people who are willing to pay you?

By cleaning other people’s mess, you can make your first $1,000 online using nothing but simple skills you’ve learned as a kid.

Alicia Lyttle, Lurn’s Micro-Gig Business Expert

And, you can do it all with No ads. No eCommerce. No product creation.

By using email and a landing page, you Can Start Today.

If you want to FINALLY start making money on the side and FINALLY build your life the way you always imagined it.

Then, you don’t want to miss this rural money opportunity of cleaning other people’s mess.

Read COTTAGE INDUSTRY FOR THE RURAL MARKETPLACE IS WHAT PEOPLE NEED and discover how to use the resources you already have to start a profitable online business.

P.S. Don’t just stop with organizing the kitchen!

Get repeat gigs do do the same with the master bathroom and home office.

There’s rural money laying all around you.

Go over to LURN.com to see how to spot it and collect it.

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