Opportunity To Make Money Means Soul Searching For Success

Opportunity To Make Money

Opportunity To Make Money Means Soul Searching For Success

Look Within—Don’t Wait To Become Desperate

You are important because you possess talents that no other person have to create an opportunity to make money for happiness and success.

And, the way to do it is by translating your hobbies or talents into something to sell in the online marketplace.

There Are Only 3 Ways To Create An Opportunity To Make Money

There are only three opportunities to make money.

So, stop beating your head against the wall for ideas to make money in rural areas.

Decide to produce and sell a product, service or information.

That’s it!

In another post, I will give you five simple steps to market your product, service or information.

But first, some of you may need some inspiration to look within to SEE your OWN opportunity to make money.

You must first realize that you are more important than what you “sell.”

Then, you will be able to brainstorm a useful product, service or information that is unique to YOU.

No one else can do it just the way you can.

Your talents lie deep in the dark recesses of your heart.

Also, it is necessary that they be brought to light before you can find happiness and success.

You must search deep inside yourself and find those talents.

Your talents will coordinate perfectly with your wants and desires once you discover them.

Only by discovering them will you ever find happiness and success in your rural area.

Once you truly discover your own talents and put them to work as a useful product… for others, you will be happy and successful.

You will be doing the things that you want to do and those are the things you do best!

Every day, many people go to work only because they have to.

They sit at their desks and go through the motions of doing work they literally hate and are miserable.

They include lawyers, doctors, etc. so you are not alone.

In this uncertain economy, having a job is crucial to survival, so I don’t understand why people hate their job (especially when they’ve spent thousands of dollars on education).

On the other hand, their are those just working only to hold a job, but can’t afford to quit.

You are not doing something that you really want to do; therefore, you receive no fulfillment.

You have let society stick you into a tiny slot.

Therefore, you will remain there until you experience a change of attitude.

Conformity destroys a person’s initiative and independence.

It suppresses your powerful inner drive to do your own thing!

Well, if doing you own thing is what you want to do, then there is a talent within you waiting to be discovered and expressed.

Keep reminding yourself that you are important because you possess talents that are possessed by no other person to create an opportunity to make money, be happy and successful, again.

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Tonza Borden Publisher Rural Money

Tonza Borden Publisher Rural Money

Tonza Borden

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