10 Essential Easy Standards For Choosing Your Online Target Market

An Online Target Market Are The Clients You Want

The specific group of people that you focus website referrals, ads and services on is your online target market.

You must choose the right market because they are the people whose problems you will solve.

When choosing an online target market, you need to decide exactly who your audience is before you add monetization.

An Online Target Market Is The Foundation For Your Business

When you are clear about who your clients/customers are, you will:

  • Know where to focus your monetization and marketing efforts to thoroughly understand them, the problems they have, and the language they speak. The greater your understanding, the more magnetic your site will be.
  • Your online target market determines your income and success.

Basically, your niche or passion reflects the right target market, which helps you achieve results faster.

Whatever online target market (OTM) concurs with your niche, make certain that it meets the following ten essential standards:

  1. Your OTM has a big problem. They think about it all the time; and it keeps them awake at night.
  2. Your OTM wants the problem solved. The impact and cost of the problem is big enough that they will act to solve it.
  3. You can easily find your OTM. Do they belong to associations? Are there conferences for this target market? Are there publications? Where do they hangout? If it’s not easy to find your online target market, you’re probably in the wrong niche.
  4. Your OTM has money to spend. No point having a terrific service/product if your online target market doesn’t have the money to pay for it.
  5. Your OTM has a history of paying to have this problem solved. Focus on a market that has a proven track record of problems and people paying to solve them. For example, your competitors are offering similar services to the target market.
  6. There is enough of your OTM to sustain your online business. Approximately how many people or local businesses are in your target market? The bottom line is: How many will become your clients?
  7. You enjoy working with your OTM. The great thing about having an online business is that you do not have to be with your customers day in and day out. An online business makes you enjoy yourself.
  8. You have a passion for helping and serving your target market. If you don’t have passion, then it will come across.
  9. You have valuable expertise and experience that you can offer. Your OTM want to buy from people who are experts in their niche.
  10. Your OTM fits your lifestyle. For example, “rural money” fits my frugal lifestyle. Just make certain that your target market will enhance your lifestyle or enable you to live the kind of life you want to live.

The other benefit of knowing your online target market is: You do not need to worry about studying demographic profiles such as age, gender, income, location, etc.

Follow these ten essential standards and you will attract exactly the customers/clients you are looking for.

When you do, there is no need to sell them anything because your online target market specific website will do it for you.

Author’s Info:  Tonza Borden is a 20-year finance and digital marketing expert with a passion for coaching and training. She is also an advocate for people with disabilities and the working poor. Visit her website at for exclusive community resources and strategies for your financial future. Google+


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