Online Marketing Plan:  5 Steps To Get Consistent Customers

Online Marketing Plan
Online Marketing Plan:  5 Steps To Get Consistent Customers

The Online Marketing Plan Done For You!

This online marketing plan can help you commit to marketing your business with no money while growing your business and increase revenue.

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Step 1. What Is Your Niche Market?

Focused niche marketing is the key no matter how versatile your product or service is.

I recommend that you identify one target market and develop “messages” FIRST to target your niche or target market.

It is critical to have a strong marketing message BEFORE you start setting up a website, social media landing page and print materials.

Start evaluating your target market—who are these people—and where are they hanging out online?

Choose one market group and stick to them to eliminate the SHOTGUN APPROACH MARKETING.

For example, start with a Facebook brand page and a group.

When you start getting customers… and become more experienced in marketing, then you can appeal to a WIDE MARKET of potential customers by using various promotional strategies.

After you have mastered Facebook, you can “be everywhere” with the power of social media.

However, you need to know your niche market and have a consistent marketing message prepared to influence them to check out what you have to offer.

You can’t be all things to all people, but you can serve your niche market exclusively.

Step 2.  What’s Your Online Marketing Plan Best Offer?

When you attract your key market, you need to have an attractive FREE product, service or information to engage them when they arrive on your landing page, etc.

The easy way to accomplish this step is creating an incentive such as an eBook, workbook, printable, etc.

Step 3.  Where Will Your Target Market Traffic Land?

I believe in a simple approach to marketing, however, that doesn’t mean throwing up a website and social media networks and resting on your laurels.

Marketing by its very nature is complex and expensive; so I don’t pretend to understand it in depth.

But, in part, I know and practice basic marketing very well.

Nevertheless, for our intents and purposes, this easy step boils target marketing down to a landing page.

While doing so, I like to use simple one-page websites at, which online and local businesses need to promote free offers to capture contact information.

In today’s Internet world, almost anyone can create a landing page with the the help of a resource such as—with every necessary app available.

Step 4.  Your Growth And Revenue Is In The Email List

As visitors start to subscribe for your free offer, they become part of your email list that should be regularly marketed to and contacted with newsletter updates.

When your email list grows stale, people tend to forget about you and why they subscribed.

It is simple to send out automatic and consistent messages through a landing page, mentioned above.

You can create and send a newsletter with a special affiliate offer while continuing to grow your list.

The goal is to eventually convert these contacts into raving fans, customers or clients.

Step 5.  Herd Traffic To Your Landing Page

Sending traffic to your landing page, which could be your blog, Facebook fan page, etc. is kind of like herding sheep when you want them to go in a certain direction.

We are all aware that we can do basic cost advertising on social media networks that can drive traffic, but I am only interested in the FREEBIES, right now.

There are still plenty of free ways to drive traffic to a newly created landing page to increase views and grow your email list.

When you are making lots of money, you can outsource some of the marketing, but NEVER take your hands off of the marketing switch!

When you do, traffic will go down because it needs continuous feeding and care, so to speak.

These simple five strategies will consistently increase your customers or clients in the beginning, if they are used consistently.

If you follow the five steps online marketing plan above, your landing page will get consistent customers or clients without hard selling.

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