Online Business Reputation: To What Extent Would You Defend It

Online Business Reputation
Online Business Reputation: To What Extent Would You Defend It

How Far Would You Go To Prevent Online Brand And Reputation Extortionists?

Extortionists sent the following email threatening the Rural Money brand and online business reputation if I don’t transfer bitcoins.

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I am posting this extortionist tactic for two reasons.

  1. How low some people will go to threaten your blog with potential harmful reviews, etc.
  2. The type of things bloggers have to contend with if the threats are carried out.

Increasingly, opportunists are sitting behind their computer thinking of ways to damage your content online or your blog; so you need a strategy to deal with it.

Is This An Insignificant Threat?

If you receive the following threat to destroy your online business reputation and don’t accept the blackmail, what recourse do you have?

“Your reputation and business are at stake!

We on your behalf in the message your website address and your contact information (including in social. Networks and messengers) will send:

+ on 15,897,318 sites, threats with insults to site owners, US residents, Europeans, LGBT and BLM.

+ 790,000 messages to bloggers with threats and insults

+ 2 367 896 public figures and politicians (from the USA and Europe) with threats and insults

+ 70,000 negative reviews about you and your website

+ 23 467 849 contact forms of sites with threats and insults

+ 150,000 emails messages to people with disabilities with threats and insults, many of them will definitely sue you

+ 57000 emails of messages to veterans with threats and insults, FOR THIS YOU WILL BE EXACTLY SITTED

Following from all of the above, you will get a lot of losses:

+ an abuse from spam house, amazon and many webmasters (for spam, insults and threats) will come to your site, as a result, your domain will be banned and blacklisted

+ people will sue you because you threatened and humiliated them

+ in court you will not prove anything, everything will look as if you did it all, MOST YOU WILL GO TO PRISON

+ internet will be inundated with negative reviews about you and your website

+ threats and reprisals from BLM and LGBT community members, in fact, these are dangerous community guys

Total: you will lose your business, all your money, you will spend on lawyers and compensation for court decisions, you will go to jail, your life will turn to hell …

We already have everything ready to launch all of the above, but we decided to give you a chance to avoid all this, you can buy off a small amount of money.

Make a payment, transfer 0.39 Bitcoins to this address

We are waiting for the transfer from you until November 27, on Saturday November 28, if payment does not come from you, we will begin to destroy your business and you along with it.”

Ok, that’s the end of the blackmail copied verbatim!

Handling Extortionist Threats

Preventing online business reputation and brand attacks should be taken seriously and evaluated on an individual basis.

I intend to stand my ground in not giving into blackmail.

Although I don’t consider these to be insignificant threats, I will update my policies that state do not give into blackmails.

What I won’t do is start to communicate with the blackmailer.

Nevertheless, my web site policies here will communicate that I will respond aggressively to extortion if the blackmailer does not cease and desist.

For bloggers who have experienced a similar situation, it is an absolute must that you be able to recognize how to address these threats.

These have the potential to be dangerous situations, to the point that your blog and/or online business reputation can be significantly harmed by ignored extortionist following through with their threat.

Image by I Am Mr Rob