8 On-Demand Delivery Businesses You Can Start Today

On-Demand Delivery Businesses
8 On-Demand Delivery Businesses You Can Start Today

Get Inspired With These Interesting On-Demand Business Ideas!

One thing COVID-19 has taught us is that certain aspects of society are perpetual, and has caused the rise of on-demand delivery businesses.

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As we know, most people don’t like lockdowns, hibernation or isolation, but like it or not, the new norm is ‘spending more time at home’.

Thus, people who would ordinarily eat out, dine out, and spend more time and money out of doors, find themselves ‘ordering in’, dining at home, eating at home, watching more YouTube, movies and TV, at home, reading more Kindle and books, ordering more online, etc.

So, with all of that debt and credit cards being whipped out to meet the demand, it has created a major billion dollar 💲 industry for on-demand delivery businesses.

Consumers Are Ordering Everything From Home

Consumers, stay-at-home-moms, remote workers, retirees, shut-ins, and everybody is ordering and having stuff delivered from soup, nuts and everything in between.

This is a great income opportunity for millennials and seniors looking to become their own boss.

Here are 8 on-demand delivery business that you can start today that you probably haven’t thought about.

And, they are:

Make A Food Delivery App And Website For Your Business: Make Ordering Food Simpler For Your Customers

Automate order management, delivery dispatch, and marketing campaigns to scale up your online food business.

Standalone Restaurant

Allow your customers to order directly from your online food ordering website and app with multiple integrated payment portals.

Food Marketplace

Create a seamless online food ordering and delivery experience for your customers & boost your ROI from your online food marketplace business.

Catering And Events

Maintain food catering bookings for events, weddings, gatherings, and more. Offer a customized solution for your catering business.

Food Delivery

Take Your Grocery Store Online: Best Grocery Ordering System For All Types Of Grocers

Manage deliveries, track drivers with pre-built grocery delivery management software. Almost everything is done for you.

Standalone Stores

Allow your store customers to order directly from your online grocery ordering app and website. Manage orders, delivery, and payment on a single dashboard.

Grocery Marketplace

Create a seamless online grocery ordering and delivery experience for your customers and increase your ROI from your online grocery marketplace business.

Grocery Chains

Manage multiple Grocery chains from a single dashboard. Increase your CSAT by providing them the liberty to order groceries online from their nearest store location.

Grocery Delivery

Setting Up Your Online Flower Shop Has Never Been Easier: Designed For Sales Engineered To Last

Scale up your business by investing in this $5B industry.

  • Seamless online ordering platform. Advanced filters, custom themes and reviews and ratings to feature customer-preferred services.
  • Manage drop shipping efficiently. Allow customers to track their shipment in real-time, optimize driver routes and automate task assignment

Flower Delivery

Launch Your Own Medicine Delivery App: A Branded Pharmacy Ordering System, Built Just For You

About 85% of the buying happens online.

Have your own app with a clean, professional design to showcase a wide range of variants.

This works for:

Standalone Pharmacy

Allow your store customers to order directly from your online ordering app and website with multiple integrated payment portals.

Place An Order

Give your customers the best features of search and filter for online ordering in a hassle free way.

Pharmacy Marketplace

Create a seamless online pharmacy ordering and delivery experience for your customers and get ROI from your pharmacy marketplace business.


Nothing stops us to connect with you, even our language. Yelo can function in multiple languages despite your geography.

Pharmacy Chains

Offer seamless online pharmacy ordering experience to your customers. Get Ordering app and website with multiple integrated payment portals.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Give your customers the freedom to pay through wallets and cards securely. Major payment gateways accepted.

Pharmacy On-Demand

Setup Your On-demand Laundry Marketplace

Add a catalogue, manage orders and optimize your delivery operations.

  • Marketplace SoftwareOn Demand On Site: If you own a Laundry / Dry Cleaning Service Business, go Online with On demand model works best with pick up & delivery services
  • Marketplace SoftwareOn Demand In Store: On demand in store model is best suited for drop off their clothes at laundromats. This model does not require a dedicated staff for pick up.
  • Marketplace SoftwareMarketplace: Aggregated model where an app acts as a marketplace. All services are delivered and fulfilled by the participating laundry providers.

Laundry On-Demand

Get The Best Handyman Software: Get All-In-One Software To Run Your Home Services

Manage bookings and staff with automated scheduling and dispatch.

Home Services

Flexible, Powerful, Affordable Salon Appointment Scheduling Software

Salon Management Software | Appointment Booking software System | Invoicing Software | Marketing Tools.

Salon At Home

Build Your Uber For Roadside Assistance

Complete Technology Suite For On-Demand Roadside Assistance Service.

Road Assistance

With this online innovation, there is absolutely no reason for rural Americans, mom and pops or any enterprising person to be unemployed.

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