NROTC Veteran’s Assistance Program –

Emergency Help For Active Duty Service Members, Guard, Reserve And Veteran Families

NROTC veteran’s assistance want to help if we can! In today’s tough economic times, many of our service members, veterans and their families, particularly those who have been recently deployed, through no fault of their own, find themselves unemployed, under-employed, homeless or AT-RISK of being homeless. NROTC HELPS WITH: *LATE MORTGAGE OR RENT PAYMENTS *UTILITY BILL TURN-OFF NOTICES *OVERDUE AUTO LOAN/INSURANCE PAYMENTS *EMERGENCY DENTAL AND PRESCRIPTION DRUGS *FOOD VOUCHERS *AND MORE


There is a qualification process and grants can only be awarded when funds are available. NROTC veteran’s assistance receives no government funding and our financial resources are limited to the amount of donations we receive from generous, patriotic and caring Americans throughout the USA. In many cases, we are able to help a needy veteran, BY PROVIDING AN EMERGENCY CHECK… to make a delinquent rent or mortgage payment, a utility payment or a car loan payment to get someone back and forth to work etc. NROTC receives vehicle donations from across the USA and we have been able to provide basic transportation autos to veterans below fair market value and in some cases, for free. Unlike most if not all government agencies, NROTC veteran’s assistance is often able to make these payments or provide these vehicles quickly without red-tape. No veteran or military family, especially a military family with young children involved, should ever find themselves living on the streets due to lack of transportation, meaningful employment or government assistance.

No VET Should Go Without Food, Housing, Healthcare, Work, Respect Ever.

If you ARE a veteran in need, we want to help you and/or your family if we can. Note: Times have not been at their best for NROTC lately but we have been able to help a few. As much as we want to help everyone, submitting your application does not guarantee we will be able to help. Funds are not always available. Please, before sending your application, email us first and briefly describe your situation at: …to see if we have any grant monies presently available. If you ARE a veteran in need, we want to help you and/or your family if we can. NROTC may be able to help in TWO WAYS: APPLY FOR AN EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE GRANT HERE Perhaps NROTC’s NATIONWIDE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY will help HERE. VETERAN FRIENDLY EMPLOYER Consider Helping Our Veterans In Need veterans assistance