How To Write Newsletters To Make Passive Income

Newsletters To Make Passive Income
How To Write Newsletters To Make Passive Income

Make More Money By Doing What You Already Do Online!

You can generate more money by learning how to write newsletters to make passive income in almost any niche you are an authority in.

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A newsletter can establish you as an expert on any subject; and it is a major asset to have.

In addition to giving away your basic, weekly newsletter, you can “sell” a monthly newsletter to learn your “secret” pearls of wisdom.

A basic newsletter that come into your inbox every week has the usual chit-chat such as, “what I have been doing”, “projects I’m working on”, “what I have for sale”, or blog posts you have already read, etc.

Basic newsletters don’t generally give away any secrets!

Write A Newsletter To Promote Your Business

Moreover, when you write regular articles for a newsletter, at the end of a year you will have enough interesting articles for a book.

Many of your newsletter subscribers will buy your book.

A book is the inevitable result when you as a journalist (and that’s what you are as a newsletter writer) do a series of articles on related topics.

The newsletter (glorified eBook) usually comes before the book, but not necessarily.

On many obscure business subjects or places, there is no regular literature available aside from newsletters because major platforms have strict terms of use.

Another way to promote and make money with a newsletter is to write an eBook on any subject and then offer a monthly newsletter geared towards those who bought the book.

Therefore, a newsletter needs a theme.

You need to decide what target market your newsletter should be aiming for.

Then, gain all the expertise you can and stick to ferreting out stories, photos and other material that will appeal to your particular market.

Advertisements encouraging people to subscribe to your newsletter should be advertised in publications covering your chosen area.

Over 20 years ago, I used this same strategy to market and make passive income with my “Layoff Survival Resources” newsletter.

What Is The Process To Make Passive Income With Newsletters?

First, you select a theme that’s relevant to your niche to base your newsletter on, such as the following themes:

1. Celebrity Life In Africa-Land

This is a classic subject for a paid newsletter.

The contents would obviously be up to each writer/editor, but some suggestions are:

Editorial Opinion. Your view on a particular current topic. Once published in your newsletter, these same articles could be offered to the local English language newspaper. They are always hungry for good features. Besides getting paid, you could negotiate for a plug for pushing your newsletter. And, if you shoot news worthy video, you can sell that, too, online here.

Media Watch. Extracts from local newspapers relevant to your theme. Commentators do this all the time on YouTube.

Restaurants And Bars. Suppose you visit one place a week and write a critique as a special feature. A side benefit is that your restaurant and bar guide could be a separate eBook you sell or give away as a premium to new newsletter subscribers. Each restaurant would probably buy a dozen sleek and glossy copies at 40 per cent of the listed retail cover price and offer them for sale in their establishment.

Gossip Column. Doing one of these particularly if it is also printed in a local newspaper tends to get you invited to art shows, grand openings, banquets and consular corps parties. This means lots of free food and the opportunity to meet the movers and shakers. They are also hungry for publicity and; you are ready and able to give them some in your newsletter.

Interviews. Feature an interesting conversation each month. This gives you a chance to meet artists, celebrities, models, local movie stars and business tycoons.

Agony Auntie Or Lovelorn. Solve your readers’ problems of the heart.

Short Stories. Whether true life or not that tug at the heart strings, etc.

Readers’ Letters. Answered by you or outsource.

Horoscopes And Predictions. These are always popular in newsletters. They go on and on even if they are always wrong. People like to believe.

Services Offered. Details other services provided by you or newsletter sponsors.

Small Ads. Get the readers to contribute ads, articles and information themselves. That’s what YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. does to make money off our content! Rural Money Tip: This is the type of information I learn from Lee Romanov, Founder and President of, multi-millionaire. Join our weekly marketing strategy meeting and become a member here.

2. Sports

Golf, marlin fishing, scuba diving, wind-surfing, sailing, and countless other sports are found in every vacation spot.

A sports-oriented newsletter could easily provide valuable information for sports enthusiasts wanting up-to-date information for intended holidays.

A back end could be online courses and equipment sales by you.

You don’t have to have a store or inventory.

You can list products, services and prices.

For example, a pair of Air Jordan shoes is listed for sale by an ad in your digital newsletter at $150 retail.

You collect the money, remit $45 to a local Nike wholesale distributor and they fill the order by mail.

You can sell via online at or below prices of a normal retail store.

why ? Because you have no overhead: No rent, no inventory, and no salesmen.

As your newsletter is going out anyway, your ad for a “Special on Air Jordan Walking Shoes” costs you nothing extra to include.

Your handling involves taking in the money and passing on part of it to the outfit that does fulfillment.

The rest is pure profit.

3. Tourist Advice

A newsletter giving tourist advice, such as naming the cleanest beaches, most adventurous excursions, or upcoming festivals may well appeal to travel agents.

If you are interested in providing this sort of service, then it could be worthwhile sending a sample newsletter to travel agents with an introductory email offering your services as a tour guide for their customers.

You might think up a service providing just what they’re looking for.

A guided all-day fishing trip up the Alabang River in your motor boat could be an added attraction or business booster.

That could also be an Airbnb Experiences side hustle.

You could even visit your home country and do slide shows sponsored by travel agents about the place of your expertise.

You could get commissions from hotels, travel agents, or free travel.

Any work or project you’re involved with need not be a full-time enterprise.

It can be an offshoot of something else you are doing.

4. Expatriate Heterosexual Life In Singapore-Land

The night-life in Rio, Manila, Pattaya, Chiang Mai or any other sex-oriented tourist resort should give you ample material on which to base a very colorful newsletter with many photo opportunities.

There must be hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans, Arabs, Australians, Germans, Englishmen and South Africans dying to read about the latest “goings on” in Singapore-Land in English.

Running around with a camera to “shoot” pretty girls and tell their story also happens to be a lovely way to meet ambitious young models, starlets and of course “working girls”.

Ads placed in similar magazines should bring in an abundance of inquiries.

Your newsletter could contain nothing but photo-ads placed by local girls who want to meet generous foreigners.

Your back end could be up to $10,000 in fees payable $1000 in advance, and the balance upon the consummation of any marriages arranged through your agency.

Many an over-the-hill, 60-year-old retired garbage collector from the industrial rust belt, would be glad to pay $10,000 for a 20-year-old beauty from the “Third World”, who will give him more pleasure during their courtship and first years of marriage that he ever had before, or will ever have again.:-)

The Third World beauty wants to escape from poverty.

The “John” wants quality feminine companionship that would be totally out of his league if he looked for such a pretty, young woman at home.

I watch these videos for research, so I know what I’m talking about.

After she gets her passport in three or four years, she may dump the garbage man and move on.

Or perhaps, he’ll be able to keep her.

Either way, $2500 a year is a nominal price to pay for what he’s had.

Many such men get their mail order brides from Internet chat rooms three or four times!

5. Letter From Ukraine

Many people in cold countries love to adopt a tropical island as the place they fantasize about, and where they dream of retiring to.

They also like to be kept informed about what is going on in the country.

There is usually a good reason for this.

They are likely to have visited the country once and fallen in love with it.

They are also prospects for vacant properties or investment properties that they can manage on Airbnb or rent.

You can actually support yourself with a digital newsletter writing about the interests of people who like Ukraine or some other country.

The basic concept here is to provide a newsletter to your countrymen and English-speaking people with an interest in Ukraine.

If you provide other services such as an Airbnb rental, a newsletter is your “calling card”.

Whenever a particularly good thing happens, you announce it to your newsletter readers.

When your Airbnb visitors arrive, you meet them at the airport because you have arranged housing for them.

In addition to the newsletter with hundreds of loyal subscribers, you can run other services.

Second, generating an income through email newsletters is easier than you would think, and no you don’t have to market to your friends.

It goes something like this:

You create a webpage (called a squeeze page) that collects people’s names and email addresses so that you can email them (subscribers).

Then, you email them with helpful information (your newsletter) as well as market your own and other people’s products.

When you make a sale you earn a commission.

The goal is to get as many email subscribers as physically possible and make as much from each email subscriber as physically possible.

You also want to set it up so your emails are sent out automatically.

You write your emails once and then they are sent out to your subscribers on autopilot, generating passive income.

How Can You Do This Successfully?

  • Website: Creating your own website is cheap and easy.

First you need a domain name (that is your www. .com) and you need somewhere to host your website.

Then install your site.

An easy way to do this is to use Income Activator, which is an all-inclusive blogging platform.

  • Emails And Names: Also, you must place a form on your site to collect people’s names.

I use and always recommend Income Activator built-in Email Marketing Service.

It is the most professional Email Marketing Service; and it is used by many top email marketers.

It is one of the only email marketing tools that allows you to do everything on autopilot without paying an extra monthly subscription.

It is a set and forget marketing tool.

Some people try to count their pennies and host their own email list or use one of the free services.

This will cost you a lot of money in the long run and is not worth doing.

So, what are you waiting for?

You could be on your way to a lifetime of passive income!

  • Traffic: It is no good having a sign up form on your website if no one visits your website.

To get good traffic on autopilot for FREE, write interesting articles like the newsletter ideas above and Google will pick them up.

Place a link to your website in the signature box at the bottom of your posts.

This one method alone can send you a lot of traffic and a lot on new subscribers on a regular basis (it does for me)!

  • Products To Market: The niche you are in will determine what products you market and the newsletter theme.

Most online products have an affiliate program that allows you to earn a commission on every sale you generate.

It is always best to market your own products.

However, if you don’t have any of your own products, then other people’s products will do fine.

Signing up for affiliate networks such as Market Leverage and Motive Interactive have hundreds of products and offers that you can market.

The better and more relevant your products are, the more money you will make.

  • Well-Written Emails: Write some emails that will be sent to your subscribers when they sign up for your “special” newsletter.

Just write short helpful emails and make sure you mention your products in each email.

By all means, add products and affiliate links in the newsletter because no mention of products = no sales.

Email marketing is the easiest way to generate a passive income online for your newsletter.

If you can do email marketing successfully, and I believe you can, then you could set yourself up for life better than any retirement fund ever will.

You can generate a passive income through email marketing and digital newsletters in almost any niche.

So, no matter what your interests, it can work for you.

Learning how to write newsletters to make passive income can be a great second income.

Eventually, it could completely replace your current income, allowing you to quit your job and be financially secure.

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