Newnan GA Roof Chimney Leaks: Contractor Repair Tips

Chimney And Roof Leaks Repair Newnan GA

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Creosote stands out as the worst problem for Newnan GA roof chimney leaks.

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It is a sticky tar coating that ignites when wood is burned so get a free quote.

Creosote can cause a fire in your chimney.

In the event that your chimney is left unchecked, a creosote fire can touch off a fire in your roof too.

Another regular chimney repair issue is blockage of the smoke stack pipe.

Soot and leaf debris can also block the chimney or creatures will build nests in it.

Unfortunately, creosote and soot are inevitable due to using the fireplace.

Also, blockage of the chimney can cause poisonous gas to fill the house.

Another reason why Newnan GA roof chimney leaks require your immediate attention is a full range of cracks and loose roofing around the chimney itself.

Again, when the chimney is compromised, it can cause gas or warmth to enter the house.

When the fireplace is in use, it poses a greater risk of smoke due to creosote build up.

For any of these issues, you need to call a contractor.

In many states, you are required by law to contact a licensed roof and chimney contractor.

Roof And Chimney Leaks Diagram

What Can You Do About Newnan GA Roof Chimney Leaks

There are more to chimneys than meet the eye.

Learning the basics about the parts that make up a chimney is the best way to know when there are roof chimney leaks.

Flue Cover: A round device used to cover chimney vents for a wood stove.

Flue: A flue is the inner portion of the chimney used for discharging exhaust gases from the fireplace to the outdoors.

Crown: The chimney crown is usually a concrete piece at the top of the chimney, with a small gap around the clay tile (if installed) for expansion. The cement crown slopes away from the flue to deflect water.

Chimney Chase: This generally refers to a factory made case used around factory made chimneys. This is the function of masonry chimneys in homes that have them.

Mortar: The concrete between bricks.

Cap Flashing: The portion of the flashing attached to a vertical surface to prevent water from migrating behind the base flashing.

Step Flashing: Individual pieces of sheet metal material used to flash around chimneys along the slope of the roof.

Base Flashing: The flashing provided by upturned edges of a watertight membrane on the roof.

Have your chimney checked periodically from the outside to see if there are any cracks or holes in the mortar joints.

These regularly end up plainly re-colored by smoke or water, making these problems easy to spot.

In the event of chimney leaks, make certain you have working carbon monoxide alarms in your home.

Ideally, these should be on each floor and especially in or near bedrooms.

When carbon monoxide alarms are triggered it means that your chimney is leaking.

Check these alarms every 3-6 months to make certain that your family isn’t exposed to the danger of carbon monoxide.

Keep your fireplace cleaned routinely before using it frequently to prevent the build up of creosote.

Schedule a yearly professional examination and cleaning of your fireplace and chimney.

If you use your fireplace or wood burning stove frequently, then these checks ought to be done more often (every six months).

With careful and routine upkeep, you will be able to prevent Newnan GA roof chimney leaks and keep expenses down.

In addition, make certain that your chimney gives you years of safe, effortless performance.

At minimum, chimneys need to be checked annually by a professional to ensure they are working safely and efficiently, according to the National Fire Protection Agency.


Is water pouring in the house during a rainstorm? Your chimney may be leaking, don’t panic—we can help! Newnan roof and chimney leak contractors are available for emergencies in Newnan, GA—don’t hesitate to call!

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Roof and chimney repair and installation and free estimates—get in touch today.


One of the best ways to ensure your chimney is working properly is to have an annual inspection done before the cold weather and tornado season. It’s also required to not void your insurance or warranty.

Should you need assistance, feel free to contact us.

We’d love to be your roof and chimney leaks contractor.