The New Real Estate Boom Is Tiny House Rentals

New Real Estate Boom
The New Real Estate Boom Is Tiny House Rentals

How Homeowner’s Can Become Savvy Tiny Investors! #realestate #boom #tinyhouse #rentals #ruralmoney #rural #money

With the cost of housing soaring, tiny house rentals are the new Real Estate boom and a lucrative income opportunity for homeowners to cash-in.

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The best and most expensive properties in the new Real Estate boom is based on location, location, location.

By converting a shed or detached garage in your backyard into a tiny house 🏠 rental, it could close the gap in your budget or provide a consistent income in this new landlord’s market.

A Tiny House Rental In The The New Real Estate Boom Is A Big Problem Solver

Rents are increasing due to inflation, which is contributing to a severe housing shortage and market rate rent increases for basic lodging that people need.

In view of that, a tiny house is more than a small dwelling.

For many people, it could be their solution to the perfect temporary home with many benefits.

Your tiny backyard dwelling is just a short walk from your front yard and driveway, or it may have a separate driveway for added convenience for your guest.

The shed could have been built in 1963 with a corrugated metal roof, wood lap siding, walls and a hardwood floor.

But it’s a single room and a bathroom that many people would be happy to rent.

More than that, the space resembles a 1-room cottage or studio apartment (in New York or Japan where space is a premium).

Therefore, a kitchen sink, small refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker could be included in your tiny rental equation to make it even more appealing.

Imagine a bed, bath, kitchen sink and beyond (outdoors in nature).

Image Source – Tiny Houses Should Have Bathrooms

The bathroom is equipped with a full-size regular or clawfoot tub/French clawfoot tub shower, pedestal sink and flush toilet.

No outdoor shower or composting toilet 🚽 here!

However on hot summer days, guests can enjoy a cool dip in an inflatable hot tub.

Tiny House Rental Short-Term Rental Income Potential

As a short-term rental, the house can easily earn $1,095 a month, or more!

Imagine building three or more similar tiny homes together in a barn-like structure or connect tiny shot-gun houses, each with a small porch and steps.

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With this concept, you can provide more custom homes to help solve a growing problem.

For example: If your “she shed” earns $13,000 a year in Airbnb revenue, then you could build a connected tiny row house with 4 or more units, and rent each one for $13,000 a year, or more!

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