Naturally Speaking Salons: A Home Braiding Business Success Story

Naturally Speaking Salons

Naturally Speaking Salons: A Home Braiding Business Success Story Image Courtesy of Birgl

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Melony Armstrong | African Hair braider | The Power Of One Entrepreneur

It’s common for entrepreneurs to start home businesses; but it’s phenomenal for one to change State Law, which Naturally Speaking Salons did.

The Naturally Speaking Shop is owned by Melony Armstrong.

Melony is a pioneer in the natural hair braiding industry.

After opening Naturally Speaking in September 1999, she successfully lobbied the State Of Mississippi to release those who wanted to braid hair for a living.

In July 2005, a bill was signed into law.

Since that time, more than 4,000 jobs and 100’s of first-time entrepreneurs have been created statewide.

Melony’s efforts and advocacy have also helped states like Arkansas, Texas and Kentucky to do the same, just to name a few.

Naturally Speaking Salon is the first fully licensed braiding salon in the State Of Mississippi.

I never borrowed money from the bank and we’ve been in business 20 years. My thinking was that all I needed to do was to work the system and the system would work. I always saw myself as being able to make something from nothing.

Armstrong Braiding Academy, the education arm of Naturally Speaking Salons, has trained 100’s of aspiring entrepreneurs throughout the mid-south.

Melony created YABA Girls (Young African Braiders Association) for girls ages 6-18 to keep it indigenous to the African American Culture.

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