Be The Product: A Natural Mineral Water Supplier In Rural Areas

Natural Mineral Water Supplier
Be The Product: A Natural Mineral Water Supplier In Rural Areas

If you don’t have a natural spring source on your property, it’s OK because you can still be a natural mineral water supplier in rural areas.

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In this article, we will be considering all the requirements for starting and marketing an affiliate marketing natural mineral water supply business.

So get prepared to learn how to be the product that you will be sharing with your family, friends, neighbors and local rural businesses.

When you become a supplier (affiliate) with a powerful microbrand, such as The Rising Springs natural mineral water, you won’t be selling!

You will be marketing their natural mineral water like there’s no more water!

More about how later in the post.

Natural mineral water is said to be purified water that has been fortified with minerals that are easily absorbed by the human body such as iron, barium and manganese.

Mineral water is usually obtained from natural resources like drilled wells and springs, or it is blended and treated with mineral salts in order to ensure that it is artificially fortified.

If the water contains less than 250ppm of dissolved solids, it is referred to as natural mineral water.

Why Consider Rising Springs?

Because source matters!

As it rises up from 2.2 miles deep, through cracks and fissures in the dense granite Idaho Batholith (“deep rock” in Greek), the water is protected for the entirety of its 16,000 year journey by the granite and its own tremendous upward and outward pressure.

The pure water source emerges from miles of silica quartz crystals, absorbing energy, a light minerality and a unique redox potential.

Rising Springs Is Essential Daily!

  • DEEP: Rising from 2.2 miles deep under its own tremendous and constant pressure.
  • NATURAL MINERAL SUPPLEMENT: The only natural source water in the US packaged as a NMS – whole, live and mineral-rich in silicafluoride, and bicarbonate.
  • PURE: Tested pure to parts per quadrillion (a million billions!). This contaminant free water source has zero manmade pollutants.
  • PROTECTED: For 16,000 years by dense granite and intense heat. 
  • NATURALLY ALKALINE: Rising Springs Natural Mineral Supplement’s only ingredient is geothermal spring water, with a natural pH of 9.4.

Solving Local Drinking Water Problems Now And The Future

In certain parts of the United States of America, such as in California, a gallon of tap water costs 560 times more than a gallon of bottled water!

This is not just part of the strategy for bottled water manufacturers, who through advertising made bottled water more preferable for customers.

Fresh drinking water is actually becoming scarce in California and other States, thereby increasing its demand.

The reason why there has been a surge for bottled water by consumers is due to the fact that most fear tap water even though on a State and Federal level, tap water has been deemed 90 percent safe.

American families deserve this contaminant free water source that has zero manmade pollutants.

Demand For Natural Mineral Water Is Up!

The bottled water industry is growing at a very fast pace of between eight and ten percent annually, twice faster than that of other beverages.

As of 2003, the bottled water industry in the United States of America became the second largest commercial beverage in volume, surprisingly surpassing milk, coffee and beer.

Bottled water is closely following behind carbonated soft drinks.

It is on record that there are well over 3,000 brands of bottled mineral water commercially available in the world.

As a matter of fact, economic downturn hardly affects the consumption of bottled mineral water simple because it is a commodity that is as important as the air we breathe.

Even though the North Americans are leading the pack regarding bottled water global consumption, China has become number two, closely following behind.

According to Zenith International, China, which drank nearly eight billion liters of water in 2000; drank close to twenty one billion liters in 2009.

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No One Can Go Without Drinking Water!

Which is why this business can easily become very profitable.

Natural mineral is better for the human body because it is fortified with mineral salts.

Starting this homebased business is easy enough because you will be working as an affiliate supplier.

Therefore, your product will not make you come under the scrutiny of the government.

Rising Springs is the source of your water and they have exclusive, propriety rights, including water matrix, source location, regional geography, local, State and/or Federal legislation, as well as the prevailing supply and demand.

You and your customers can be assured that Rising Springs conduct preliminary and ongoing analysis of the water you intend to market.

Without a doubt Rising Springs also engaged a hydrogeologist to carry out a site assessment early in the planning ,in order for them to know the natural mineral water source is safe.

If you intend to market Rising Springs natural mineral water to your family, friends, neighbors and local businesses, then you must know how to market it like there’s no more water on the planet!

As an entrepreneur who has written several comprehensive business plans, I have written four simple, but intensive techniques to help you market their brand–without being overwhelming for an entrepreneur just starting out.

Strategic Networking

Most beginner affiliate marketers weak spot is their total distaste for network marketing.

The fact is: Many people try to be affiliate marketers, but don’t become prosperous because they don’t know what I am sharing with you!

The four requirements of strategic networking are:

  1. Be there.
  2. Target your mark.
  3. Be of value.
  4. Follow up relentlessly.

Be There. Be Where?

Be everywhere your customers are.

Eat where they eat and drink WATER.

Support causes they support.

Meet them where they work and play both offline and online.

According to Pat Flynn, many of us make our mistake in assuming that we can’t be everywhere, therefore, miss too many opportunities.

Target Your Mark

The strategic networker is fishing where there are actually fish!

Right now, make a list of the two or three dozen persons and local businesses that could positively buy your Rising Springs brand.

Make a point of communicating in at least some small way on a regular basis on social media, etc., so that you can remain in their thoughts.

Be Of Value

This is the hard part that separates the amateur affiliate marketer from the pro.

Before you can network effectively, you must discover how you can bring value to those you meet.

Give them a reason to remember you.

If You Want The Sale, Follow Up Relentlessly

Do you ever wonder why certain people show up in your e-mail box relentlessly?

They want your e-mail address to do the follow up, which may eventually lead to a sale?

If you are in sales, and we ALL are, and you are not asking for e-mail addresses, you are not serious about promoting your product to make sales.

My rule is that every contact in my database must have the next touch point scheduled.

It may be an e-mail, a phone call, a text message, a social media shout out, or even a personal visit.

If you are in my database, you are going to hear from me!

Become a Rising Springs affiliate.