My USDA-RD Housing Success Story|Rural Money Homestead

My USDA-RD Housing Success Story
My USDA-RD Housing Success Story | Rural Money Homestead

You Can Become A USDA-RD Homeowner And Homesteader Success Story

Welcome to my USDA-RD housing success story; with the assistance of the United States Department Of Agriculture, I became a homeowner.

I had a clear goal of living a frugal lifestyle of self-sufficiency to grow food and raise small animals to eat.

The USDA-RD provided me with a Direct Home Loan in the amount of $137,000 and change.

The funds were used to purchase a 3-bedroom, 2 bathroom home in the Northern Historic District of Palmetto, Georgia.

You Don’t Need A Big Income

At the time I bought my home, I had been self-employed for several years.

Prior to that, I was receiving assistance from HUD’s subsidy housing program.

After many years of renting, I can now enjoy the satisfaction of being a homeowner-homesteader.

I now have more control over what I want to do with my rural home and land, as opposed to being restricted as a renter.

While earning a very low-income, before self-employment, it was very difficult paying rent for over ten years and heartbreaking, considering, I was paying towards the mortgage of another person.

Once I was approved, the search for a home finally began; and it was an exciting time.

After looking at many homes, I found the perfect one in a rural town that suits all of my homesteading needs.

I now have a place I can call my home and a rural property to homestead.

Everyday, I express my gratitude for the help that the local USDA-RD staff offered me throughout the application process.

If you are interested, you can learn about the USDA-RD Direct Home Loan Program and become a homeowner-homesteader success story too.

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