My USDA-RD Homestead Is A Trip

My USDA-RD Homestead
My USDA-RD Homestead Is A Trip

A Comfortable And Casual Homestead With Good Food On The Table!

My USDA-RD homestead is a trip, but at least it is considered a field trip by some guests and a real ‘trip’ by other visitors; and I love it.

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Since I live a frugal lifestyle and have a background in banking, I named it The Rural Money Homestead.

Seriously, some of the most dedicated international travelers have stayed at my quaint rural home via Airbnb.

Be It Ever So Humble…

There’s nothing special or luxurious here, but it’s comfortable and casual with good food on the table.

It’s a place you can relax in ‘three living rooms’ or do nothing at all.

But all of the time, I am the one working the homestead ‘ranch’ house and property.

For over a decade, I have created and cultivated a small organic kitchen garden (that has evolved into a permaculture garden), producing everything from vine to root vegetables, fruit, nuts, herbs, and medicinal plants.

In addition, I have added peach, nectarine, apple and fig trees.

This year’s plan is to add blueberries to the front yard food forest to complement the standard heirloom variety in the backyard.

Expanding My Food Sources

I am eager to expand my small-scale, sustainable agriculture by building a fish pond, and raising one-grass-fed-goat-at-a-time that visitors can get up close too.

I look forward to feeding and eating my boer meat goats.

I’ve been thinking about raising meat rabbits, but that might prove to be a bit too ambitious.

As far as a fish šŸŸ pond goes, I have an easier, cost-effective idea of raising a few crappie, etc. in barrels among the water hyacinth.

I think it’s an interesting idea!

It will certainly beat digging and buying a pond insert.

I am still thinking about raising a few Cochins for eggs, but the snakes!

Everything else I produce will also be from backyard to table.

I will be able to fill my smokehouse, freezer and secret root cellar for meat.

Wait until my guest and visitors taste my delectable grass-fed goat!

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