#My YouTube Rural Money 2020 Year In Review

My Rural Money 2020 Year In Review
My Rural Money 2020 Year In Review

How Survived YouTube When 2020 Went Off-Script!

When 2020 went off-script, here’s my rural money 2020 year in review that’s proof that I kept my audience inspired.


By uploading 638 minutes of content.

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YouTube also said that my hard work’s worth celebrating—so let’s take a moment to reflect!

My Rural Money Blog And Homestead In Review–All-Time Highlights

My community’s growing–you’ve left 1,071 comments and shared my videos 6,278 times.

I joined YouTube 1,780 days ago (October 2017).

From my first video upload until now, my fans have smashed that like button 3,597 times!

My community’s growing–you’ve left 1,071 comments and shared my videos 6,278 times.

2020 By The Numbers On YouTube

Here’s how I made 2020 my own.

This past year, I gained 720 subscribers and 133,921 new views.

Even though I have made mistakes and pushed the “envelope”!

Viewers spent 1.6M minutes watching rural money videos in 2020!

My fans can’t get enough–my humble videos received 1,630 likes in 2020 🤩


I’ve taken the challenge of 2020 head-on, and tried to keep your spirits high.

Thanks to my subscribers and viewers for being a constant inspiration to me and you! :)))

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Big hugs and a warm, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!!!

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