Find Money Saving Resources: 2017 Is The Year Of Austerity

Find Money Saving Resources

Find Money Saving Resources: 2017 Is The Year Of Austerity

2017 Will Require Belt Tightening

I am a little late with this post, but the year is still a baby in terms of finding money saving resources to offset a year of austerity.

In 2016, it was the recession, crisis, inflation, which had an impact on rural homesteaders everywhere.

And, even though “they” were not talking about it, I could feel the effect of inflation in my purchase of goods and services.

It was certainly an interesting political year.

Most rural homesteaders have had to adjust the way you find money making and money saving ideas including me.

Different website platforms were tried, different marketing and new systems put into place … everything I could think of to improve your experience with

Yet, I am so appreciative of all the help I had, and the visitors who have followed my topsy turvy progress and stuck with me.

That includes all of my friends, you!

I could not do it without you.

Doing this website has let me know that we are all striving for the same goal.

2017 is the year of austerity.

Although economists are predicting new jobs creation, little is being done to help laid off workers make ends meet besides unemployment compensation.

In view of that, this year, I will write more posts about rural money making ideas, saving money tips and rural survival …

All the features this site is known for, and a new emphasis on money saving, prepper, and survival resources.

I believe this is another year for financial belt tightening for all of us.

If you have not included finding and creating money saving resources as a New Year’s resolution, then now is the time.

As you know, the word austerity is a term that describes reducing living standards, but it is not as bad as it sounds.

Finding money saving and money making resources to make ends meet or supplement your budget should already be a part of your “way of life.”

It can also be fun and interesting when you make it a game to out save, instead of out do, your neighbor.

When you have managed to save your rural homestead from foreclosure simply by NOT eating out, which is a small second mortgage, this will have a huge impact on your budget.

In the coming months, we will all have to become more creative about the allocation of our finances, if we are going to maintain or upgrade our present standard of living.

So, let us put on our thinking caps and figure a way out of this austerity mess.

As a conservative minded person, I already have a leg up on frugality, being thrifty with a nickel and so forth.

As always, I will share my limited ideas and information with you.

However, for the good of all to benefit, I need your participation and input.

Won’t you drop me a line to share money saving ideas how you save money on groceries, insurance, bank fees, Real Estate, baby clothes, daycare, etc., whether you are an expert or not to Contact Us.

Or, if you would rather post your comments on a forum that I’m thinking about adding, please let me know that too.