4 Common Mistakes New Internet Marketers Make

Mistakes New Internet Marketers Make

4 Common Mistakes New Internet Marketers Make

Internet Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Mistakes new Internet Marketers make are common because they are in a hurry to pursue the idea of being successful and making money online.

They are ambitious and driven to start their Internet venture so caution is thrown to the wind.

While ambition is a good thing, the true key to success with Internet marketing is knowledge.

It’s imperative that you know what works, what doesn’t and how¬†to put it all together to make your venture work.

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Here is a short list of some of the most commonly made mistakes new Internet Marketers make.

  1. Not Having Your Own Domain Name

No one will believe you’re a legitimate marketer making legitimate money if you’re using a free site.

As with brick and mortar businesses, image is everything.

If you’re striving for success your image will suffer using a¬†free site.

  1. Using Free e-Mail Addresses

As with the free websites, using free e-mail services don’t lend¬†professionalism to your image.

I have to admit that I have private email service with my blog, but I prefer to use Gmail.

And, it is not as frowned upon as it once was because many professional businesses use freebie e-mail.

But, the choice is entirely yours.

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If you have a legitimate web host that you pay for your

domain you can create your own e-mail address on that


  1. Unprofessional Look On Your Website

This one is inexcusable!

Take it from Tai Lopez, if your website looks like the strip in Las Vegas with flashing banner ads and cheesy graphics people will assume you’re an amateur.

Your site needs to have quality look and quality content.

You’ll also want to take care in the layout of your site making sure that it’s easy to navigate and makes sense.

  1. Poorly Written Content

Before you jump to conclusions, don’t assume that I’m going to tell you to hire someone to do your content writing for you.

Unless you truly cannot write (many people think they can’t,

but haven’t really taken the time to try), then you can¬†write.

Whether you do your own writing or have someone else do the writing for you, be sure that it’s quality content.

You want to offer your visitors information they want that’s easy to read and grammatically correct.

As you can see, many of the mistakes made by new marketers are simple, avoidable mistakes.

You can’t assume that you’re going to get something for nothing when it comes to Internet marketing.

Success as a marketer doesn’t have to cost you a fortune,

but it will take some investment on your part, in time and money.

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Tonza Borden Publisher Rural Money

Tonza Borden Publisher Rural Money

Tonza Borden
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