Call The Midwife: Set Up Your Own Practice

Call The Midwife
Call The Midwife: Set Up Your Own Practice

Many Women Prefer Having Their Baby At Home

A generation ago, most babies were born at home with a midwife in attendance; but there’s a push to have a Medical Doctor attend them in a hospital.

Only in recent years has the medical establishment made an effort to force all pregnant women to have a Medical Doctor deliver their babies.

The bill for a hospital birth will be $3,000 to $4,000 up.

Midwives usually charge $500 to $600.

Many women prefer having their baby at home.

Studies have shown that home birth may be better for the babies as well.

Hospitals are still dirty places where all kinds of disease germs can spread.

Moreover, infections in new born babies and breathing problems are more common in hospital-born babies.

Latin women dislike having a male doctor and prefer midwives.

In California and some other States, there is a campaign to stamp out midwives.

They are being charged with practicing medicine without a license.

Somebody forgot to tell the American Medical Association that pregnancy is not a disease.

The only way to get a license as a midwife in California is to first become a Registered Nurse.

Thousands rebel at the waste of time and experience and continue to serve women as qualified midwives.

The only way to get training is to apprentice yourself to a successful midwife and assist her for a year or so.

Perhaps you will be paid a small amount, even nothing, or you may offer to pay the midwife a fee for the training.

Then, do what was so common on the frontier–move to another State where there is no midwife, and set up your own practice.

This profession offers great rewards, not just for money, and is for women only.