Meet Your Strawman: Your Birth Certificate Is Worth Millions

Meet Your Strawman
Meet Your Strawman: Your Birth Certificate Is Worth Millions

You Were Rich From The Day You Were Born And Swindled Out Of It! #strawman #birthcertificate #ruralmoney #money

If nobody has told you that you have a Strawman, then this could be a very interesting experience for you so meet your strawman.

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Your Strawman was created when you were born, too young to know anything about it.

But then, it was meant to be a secret as it’s purpose is to swindle you, and it has been used very effectively to do just that ever since it was created.

Perhaps, it is about time that you learned about your strawman and how you can stop it being used against you.

Knowing about it is the most important first step.

You need to go on a journey of discovery, and I’m afraid that what you are about to discover is not very pleasant.

However, if you decide to act on what you learn, it could change your life for the better.

If you think that you are in debt, then you can get out of it if you are willing to stand up for your rights and refuse to be swindled any longer.


If so, then let’s start at the beginning and find out where your strawman came from and why you should care about it.

It all started when your parents had a happy event and you entered the world.

You don’t know exactly when that was, because you were not aware of the days of the week, the months of the year or even what year it was.

Even after some months had gone by, you still were not aware of these things, but by that time, your strawman had already been created and it was being used to make some very unscrupulous people rich.

None of this was your fault.

It happened because your parents were fooled into thinking that they needed to register your birth and get a birth certificate for you.

So, they APPLIED for a birth certificate, not understanding what would happen when they did.

Well then, what did happen?

According to the Local Authority:

1. They lost ownership of their baby (you).
2. They allowed a strawman to be created.

This is not something which they can be blamed for, as nobody told them it would, or even could, happen.

Nor did anybody tell them what a strawman is or how it can be used against their baby.

In actual fact, the “registration” is a contract and in reality, it is null and void because there was not full disclosure by the Local Authority, nor was there ‘intent to contract’ on the part of the parents.

The registering of a baby’s birth actually passes “ownership” of the baby to the Local Authority and that, and that alone, allows the Local Authority staff to take the child away from the parents if they ever want to do that.

This applies until the child reaches the ‘age of maturity’ set by the current legal statutes.

Doing that is not” lawful” but after the birth has been registered, it is “legal” and there is a world of difference between those two terms, a difference which it is very important that you come to understand clearly.

What Is A Strawman?

A strawman is a fictitious legal entity, created with the hope that as the child grows up, he will be fooled into believing that he is actually the strawman (which he most definitely is not) and pay all sorts of imaginary costs and liabilities which get attached to the strawman by con artists.

How Is A Strawman Created?

Well the mechanism involves that unnecessary birth certificate, which the parents imagine is about, and belongs to, their baby (neither of which is actually true).

If the baby has been named James and the family name is Martin, then you would expect the birth certificate to have the name James Martin written on it.

If that is what is written on it, then all is well and it is a genuine birth certificate.

However, if any other name is there, then the document is not a birth certificate, but instead is the creation of a strawman masquerading as James Martin.

The alternative entries might be any of the following examples:   “JAMES MARTIN”, “Mr James Martin”, “Martin, Mr James” or anything else which is not exactly “James Martin” and nothing else.

Why Create A Fictitious Person?

The answer is ‘in order to charge the strawman imaginary costs and penalties and fool the human James Martin into paying those amounts’.

These imaginary charges include ‘Income Tax’, ‘Council Tax’, ‘Inheritance Tax’, ‘Capital-Gains Tax’, ‘Road Tax’, ‘Import Tax’, ‘Value-Added Tax‘, ‘Fuel Levy’, ‘Loan Interest’, ‘Bank Charges’ and anything else that full-time professionals can think up and are confident that you will not notice that you never agreed to pay and don’t need to pay. [People have gone to prison for refusing to pay these taxes.]

Legalese  is a secret language invented to trick you.

It uses English words, but attaches secret meanings to those words with the sole intention of stopping you believing that what they are saying to you has nothing to do with the normal meaning in the English language.

Their purpose is to cheat you and rob you.

For example, they will say to you “Do you understand?” .

In English, that means “Do you comprehend what I am saying to you?” and the automatic response would be “Yes”, meaning “I do comprehend what you are saying to me”.

But these sneaky, underhand people have changed the meaning in Legalese to mean “Do you stand under me?” meaning “Do you grant me authority over you so that you have to obey whatever I tell you to do?”.

What makes it even worse, is the fact that they will never tell you that they have switched from English to Legalese, and if that is not dishonest, underhand and unscrupulous, then I don’t know what is!

If you answer the question believing that English is being spoken, then they pretend that you are contracting with them to become subordinate to them.

Whether or not that is actually true is debatable because that is effectively a verbal contract between you and them and for any contract to be valid, there has to be full and open disclosure of all of the terms of the contract, and then, unreserved acceptance by both parties, and in these cases, that has most definitely, not occurred.

What Is The Point In All This?

Well, this maneuver is intended to trick you into agreeing to represent your strawman.


Aaah now, that is a good question, but to answer it takes a bit of explaining, and you need to understand the overall situation:

All humans are born equal, with complete freedom of choice and action.

If you live in the same place as a lot of other people, then there are a few restrictions which have evolved, by common consent, over time.

These restrictions are for your protection and the protection of the other people living near you.

These restrictions are called “the Law” (or more accurately: “Common Law”) and they are few in number and very easy to understand.

They are:

  • You must not injure or kill anyone.
  • You must not steal or damage things owned by somebody else.
  • You must be honest in your dealings and not swindle anyone.

These have resulted from hundreds of years of disputes, which have been dealt with through using common sense and the opinions of ordinary people.

They are the only limitations on you, and if you don’t want to abide by them, then you need to go to some isolated place and stay away from other people.

Many people think that there are hundreds of other laws, which they have to keep (and new ones every other day), but that is not so.

Those other things are called “statutes” and keeping them is optional for you, the human, BUT they are not optional for your fictitious strawman, and that is why the people who benefit from those things want to persuade you to represent your strawman, and so become subject to all of their invented restrictions and charges.

If you knew that they were optional, would you agree to:

  • Give most of your earnings away in taxes and similar charges?
  • Pay to own a vehicle?
  • Pay to own a television set?
  • Pay to drive on roads, which were built with your money?
  • Be forced to join armed services if you are told to?
  • Send an army which is supposed to represent you, into another country to murder innocent people there?

Were you ever told that these things are optional?

If you agree to represent your strawman, then these things become binding on you.

These are some of the “statutes” which ‘politicians’ keep inventing in order to make you poor, make them and their friends rich, and keep you in a position where you have to do everything they say, no matter how much that harms you and does away with your natural rights and freedom.

But, says somebody, we elect a government to represent us and so we have to do what they say, after all, they have our best interests at heart don’t they?

Well, that is a nice thought, but is it actually true?

No it isn’t.

You think that you elect politicians to represent you in your government, but that is not what you actually do.

That is part of a very carefully fostered illusion intended to keep you in your place and giving most of your earnings away (typically, 80% of all you earn).

Part of the secret is that what is supposed to be your ‘government’ is actually a privately owned, for-profit company and all that you do when voting, is help choose the serving officers inside that company.

It will never make the slightest difference to what happens in the future as the company policy and actions are controlled by the owners of the company, and they are not influenced in any way whatsoever by what you want.

Think This Is Far Fetched?

Then check it out via Dun & Bradstreet or any of the other places, which records the setting up and performance of the 160,000,000 commercial companies world-wide.

When you do that, you will discover that, for example, the House of Commons is a commercial for-profit company (number UC2279443),The Labor Party is a commercial company, which trades under the name of “Allister Darling MP”, The House of Lords, which is the highest court in the land (UK) is a private company, the United Kingdom Corporation Ltd. formerly known as the “United Kingdom plc”, and which never complied with the law, which requires it to file it’s financial records, is also a private company.

The Ministry of Justice D-U-N-S Number 22-549-8526, Directors: Lord Falconer of Thoroton is a private company set up in the year 1600.

The Bank of England is a private company, as is every Court and every Police Force and even the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry is a company and not a person.

It gets even more ridiculous when you discover that The Devon and Cornwall Police is a company, which has been taken over by a company owned by IBM, which is paid an annual budget of £256,800,000 taken from members of the public.

Gilbert and Sullivan would have loved this reality as a script for one of their comedies.

Lancashire County Council was incorporated as a company (IP00666C) in 2002.

It’s registered office was “3rd Floor, Christ Church Precinct, County Hall, Preston” and it was completely dissolved on 25th January 2008, and all of it’s Assets and Liabilities were transferred on 12th November 2007 to another company – “The Blues and Twos Credit Union Ltd.” whose registered address is Lancashire Police Headquarters, P O Box 77, Hutton, Preston.

Do you by any chance get the feeling that you are being taken for a ride here?

Just in case you are not aware of it, the purpose of any commercial ‘for-profit’ company or corporation is to make money for it’s owners (and shareholders if there are any).

The people whom you think of as ‘The Government’ don’t do anything which earns money – instead, they take money from you and their main job is to make sure that you don’t realize that they are in the same position as IBM, which takes away a cool $256 million of your money every year.”

So, why all the pretense of there being a genuine government, which you elect and who serve you?

They don’t want you to understand that they are just running a company, which produces nothing of any worth – something like a betting shop, where almost every customer loses money – and wake up to the fact that, unlike what you have been told all your life, this is all optional and you don’t need to play their rip-off game any longer unless you want to.

They want you to be so burdened down with paying them money and working so hard and so long that you don’t have the time, money or energy to stop and think about what is happening to you and your family.

Meet Your Strawman
Meet Your Strawman Your Birth Certificate Is Worth Millions

They are desperate to stop you from just walking away from their scam, and so they make every effort to connect you with the fiction, which is your strawman because fictitious entities like commercial companies can’t have any dealing with a real man or a real woman – they can only deal with another fiction like your strawman [because it’s fictitious], and it is essential that they fool you into believing that you have to act on behalf of your strawman – which you don’t.

They have a number of well-proven methods of distracting you and keeping you from finding out.

They want you to see a great deal of entertainment, not because there is anything wrong with entertainment, but while you are watching it you will not be asking awkward questions.

Also, they are very careful that most entertainment reinforces their make-believe world and makes it appear to be “the real world” where everyone is under ‘The Government’, Police Officers uphold the law, taxes are essential in order to keep things going and things which are said to be bad for you, are taxed heavily (not to make money) but supposedly, to encourage you to avoid those things.

They also have another very effective technique, and that is fear.

They want you to be afraid.

  • Afraid of imaginary terrorists.
  •  Afraid of disasters.
  • Afraid of new diseases.
  • Afraid of foreign countries.
  • Afraid of “the economy” doing badly and inflation rising.

If you doubt this, then take a look at the news and count the number of positive, uplifting news items, and the number of negative or depressing news items.

It doesn’t take much in the way of research to see the very heavy negative bias in the news.

The reason behind this is to make you feel that you need a government and an army to protect you from these supposed dangers.

It is easy to keep the news items biased that way, because all of the major news agencies and media outlets in the world are owned by only five or six privately owned commercial companies.

So, to supposedly connect you to the strawman, which they created for you when your birth was registered, they use the Legalese technique of conning you with the Name of the strawman.

If you are ill-advised enough to go to a Court (which is a Corporate place of Business) as the accused, then you will be asked to confirm your name, quoting the full name shown on your birth certificate, which is the LEGAL PERSONALITY.

Titles such as Mr, Dr, Lord, PC, QC, or whatever are not asked for as they are not required.

The “Accused” is actually the LEGAL PERSONALITY, which is the name on the birth certificate, so when they ask for the person’s NAME, they are talking to the LEGAL PERSONALITY and not the human.

This is because a human cannot exist in the legal world – only pieces of paper can, and that is something, which they are very careful not to tell you.

This Is A Really Key Issue

Natural Law and Common Law are the only laws, which apply to humans and they deal only with harming other people or causing them loss, and outside of those restrictions, a human has free and unlimited entitlement to do anything he chooses, which complies with these principles.

As opposed to this, Acts of Parliament, “Statutes” and Statutory Instruments “Contracts” do not apply to the human, but only to the piece of paper, which is the LEGAL PERSONALITY and, which has no reality.

As the legal fiction of the LEGAL PERSONALITY was created by the company called “the United Kingdom Corporation”, it is that company, which gets to say what the rights and duties are for that piece of paper.

When a person is born in Britain, the mother and father submit a Birth Certificate Registration Form, which is a piece of paper.

There is no requirement under common law to do this.

When any limited company or corporation is set up, there is always a Certificate of Registration in order to create it’s LEGAL PERSONALITY and that is a piece of paper.

Please note that a British Birth Certificate states quite clearly that it is not evidence of identity, that means that, it has nothing to do with any human.

Marked on it is “Crown Copyright” showing clearly that it does not belong to an individual and was created by the crown.

This act of Registering a child, makes that child a “ward of the court” and the child can be taken away from the parents at any time.

The Legalese definitions of words, which sound commonplace, can be found in Black’s Law Dictionary and the current edition is the eighth.

Another trick they try to play on you is to imply that a Summons is something, which you MUST obey while in fact, it is only an Invitation to attend their place of business.

They are NOT inviting you, the man, but instead, they are inviting a LEGAL PERSONALITY to their place of business, and please note that there is a CHOICE as it is only an invitation.

The LEGAL PERSONALITY is just a piece of paper, a BIRTH CERTIFICATE created by the commercial company called “The United Kingdom Corporation” and it is not the human. [The same applies in the United States.]

You can’t be forced into a contract, so they have to deceive you into entering into one without understanding what you are doing.

They are using deception as every Magistrates Court is a trading name of the commercial company called “The Ministry of Justice” D-U-N-S Number 22-549-8526, which does not have a Parent Company listed meaning that it is a Parent Company itself.

Legal people on being shown this company registration, responded by saying that if this information is genuine (which it is), then the UK has been lawless for more than 400 years because the whole Justice System is being dealt with by a commercial company.

Going to court in connection with any civil action, is a very bad idea as the only function of a court is to judge between two parties who disagree and then penalize the loser.

The court doesn’t care who wins or loses, and the objective of the court is to make a profit for it’s owners as it is a commercial enterprise and it’s purpose is to acquire money from anybody who is fool enough to attend.

If you look at the Summons (which is really an invitation) to go to court, you will see that it is not in your name, but in the name of the strawman, which they are hoping to fool you into representing.

Dealing With “Debt”  because of the very high percentage of the money earned being taken away from the average person, it is not unusual for people to end up with what looks like “debt”.

Most people spend their time worrying over the statement of what they are told they owe, and do endless calculations to see if they agree with the numbers, which they have been sent.

Again, this is the sort of misdirection, which magicians use to fool audiences, distracting their attention away from where the action is really taking place.

Here, the question is really not “How much is owed?”, but instead it is “Is anything actually owed?”.

You need to remember that any financial institution is a legal fiction and does not actually exist.

As a result of this, it can only deal with other legal fictions (essentially, other pieces of paper), and it can’t have any dealings with a man or a woman as they are not legal fictions.

It is also important to understand what passes for money nowadays.

Let’s say our trusty friend James Martin goes looking for a loan and he fills in an application form with the Swindle Bank Limited for $10,000.

Interestingly, the form, which he is asked to sign, says that he has already received the $10,000 although the loan has not yet been approved.

The next day, the loan is approved and James is handed a check, which he is asked to sign and deposit into his account with the bank.

We won’t follow up on that very interesting procedure at this time, but please remember that he has now provided two signatures for $10,000 in the strawman name, and all he has received is a 1 and four zeros in the accounts of the Swindle Bank Limited.

All goes well for several months until James loses his job and does not manage to get another one.

This is financial trouble, which he does not know how to deal with.

Time goes by and James has not had sufficient money to make payments against his loan from the Swindle Bank Limited.

He starts getting letters from the bank saying that he must pay the arrears immediately and keep up with the payments in future.

There is not the slightest chance of that happening as James just does not have the money and he does not know what to do.

Fortunately, Peter, the next door neighbor of James happens to be an independent financial advisor with years of experience, and James has the brainwave of asking him for help.

Peter is willing to help and so he sits down and goes through all of the paperwork.

Then he tells James:   “You must not ignore this situation.

Write back immediately and say that you agree to pay any financial obligation, which you might lawfully owe, ON CONDITION that they:

1. Provide validation of the debt, that is, the actual accounting.
2. Verification of their claim against you, that is, a signed Invoice.
3. A copy of the Contract binding both parties (you and them), and send that letter by recorded delivery so that there is an independent witness to it having been delivered.”

Every letter you write should be marked clearly “Without Prejudice”, which means that you reserve all your lawful rights and accept no contract unless it is shown to be lawful by meeting the four conditions essential to a lawful, binding contract, namely:

  • Full Disclosure (you were not told that you were actually creating the credit with your signature)
  • Equal Consideration (they brought nothing of value to the table and so have nothing to lose)
  • Lawful Terms and Conditions (yours were actually based on fraud), and
  • The signatures of both parties (corporations can’t sign because they have no Right or Mind to contract since they are soul-less legal fictions, and no third party can sign a contract on their behalf)

Peter then tells James that agreeing to pay, provided that evidence of a lawful debt can be produced, stops him being taken to court because courts only adjudicate between parties who are in dispute, and as James has agreed to pay, there is no dispute, so the court would not accept any application for a hearing.

If the Swindle Bank were foolish enough to try, James has only to send the court a copy of his letter agreeing to pay and the case would be thrown out immediately (and the Bank might well be penalized for wasting court time).

The bank is now in trouble as it has been running a con game on James and so can’t produce the documents for which James has asked.

The request by James was reasonable in every respect.

However, a loan agreement is a contract and so there has to be full disclosure of all the details (which there wasn’t), both sides have to put up something of equal worth (which didn’t happen) and the contract has to be signed by both parties (which the bank can’t do).

The Bank Has A Real Problem

The bank will probably send a Statement of what it wants James to believe is the outstanding amount.

James should return this with a polite note saying that a Statement is not an Invoice, so would they please provide a signed Invoice as requested.

They will also probably send a photocopy of his Loan Application form, at which point James should write back and point out politely that it does not constitute a contract as it is only signed by one of the parties (himself) and he has asked for a copy of the Contract signed by both parties.

The bank is likely to go silent at this point and stop corresponding with James.

James should then write again, requesting that the necessary documents be sent to him within the next fourteen (or perhaps 28) days, and if that does not happen, then he will consider the debt to be fully discharged.

The bank will either remain silent or write back to say that the debt is fully discharged.

If the bank tries phoning, then just tell them politely that you only wish to deal with this matter in writing, and hang up.

If the bank remains silent for the stated period, then James should write back stating that due to the bank’s failure to provide the necessary evidence of a lawful debt within the reasonable time provided, that James now considers that the debt is fully discharged and ask the bank to confirm that in writing.

The bank will normally write back confirming that the debt is fully discharged and that there is nothing owing and if it does not do that, then it will just stop asking for any further payments.

The reasons for how and why this takes place, takes a good deal of explaining and many people find it difficult to understand.

So, it is covered in detail here.

Many people think that this process sounds like you ripping off the bank, but this is definitely not the case.

What Is Money?

Originally in England, the unit of money was called “one pound sterling”.

That was because it was literally, sterling silver weighing one pound.

As it was quite difficult to carry several pounds weight of currency around with you, it was arranged that the actual silver could be held in a bank and a promissory note, which was essentially, a receipt for the deposit of each pound of silver, was issued.

It was much easier to carry these “bank notes” around and to do business with them.

If you wanted to, you could always take these notes to a bank and ask for them to be cashed, and what happened then was that the bank would hand you the equivalent weight of sterling silver in exchange for the notes.

Today, the currency in England is still “bank notes”, which are certainly easier to carry around, but there is one very important difference.

These notes are issued by the private company called “The Bank of England” (which is as good a name for a company as any other name).

However, if you were to take one of their bank notes to the premises of that company and ask for it to be cashed, all that they would do is give you another note with the same number of pounds written on it, or alternatively, some other notes with smaller numbers printed on them.

This is because, unlike the original bank notes, there is nothing of any physical value backing up the bank notes of today – they are only worth the physical paper on which they are printed.

It actually gets worse than that.

What happens most commonly nowadays is that they do not even bother printing those pieces of paper.

Now, they just tap some numbers into a computer record, or if they are old-fashioned enough, they write the numbers into a ledger.

What Do Those Numbers Represent?

Nothing at all – they have no actual value, in other words, just as much value as if you typed them into your own computer – quite meaningless.

And yet, a bank or other financial institution will merrily “lend” you those numbers in return for years of your work – now isn’t that really generous of them?

Actually, this is not at all funny, because if you don’t keep paying them money earned by your very real work, then they will attempt to take your house and possessions away from you.

This won’t happen if you understand that what they lent you was actually valueless.

Take the case of Jerome Daly of Minnesota in America.

In court, Jerome challenged the right of the bank to foreclose on his home, which had been purchased with a loan from the bank.

Jerome argued that any mortgage contract required that both parties (that is, himself and the bank), to put up a legitimate form of property for the exchange.

In legal language, that is called a legitimate “consideration” put forward by both parties to the contract.

Jerome explained that the “money” was in fact, not the property of the bank as it had been created out of nothing as soon as the loan agreement was signed.

That is, the money does not come out of the bank’s existing assets as the bank is simply inventing it and in reality, the bank is putting up nothing of it’s own, except for a theoretical liability on paper.

As the court case progressed, the President of the bank, Mr. Morgan, took the stand and admitted that the bank, in combination with the (privately owned commercial company called) “The Federal Reserve Bank”, created the entire amount of the loan in credit in it’s own books by means of a bookkeeping entry, the money and credit coming into existence when they created it.

Further, Mr. Morgan admitted that no United States Law or Statute existed, which gave him the right to do this.

A lawful consideration must exist and must be tendered to support the loan agreement.

The jury found that there had been no lawful consideration put forward by the bank and, so, the court rejected the bank’s application for foreclosure and Jerome Daly kept his home.

That is exactly the situation with all British mortgages.

When someone makes an application for a mortgage or any other loan, the applicant’s signature is required on the application form before the loan is approved.

That signed application is a valuable piece of paper, which the bank can log in it’s accounts as a credit to the bank for the amount of the loan.

The bank could just keep that application form and stay £100,000 or whatever, ahead, but they want more, much more.

They want the borrower to pay them that same amount again, funding it by years of work, and not only the amount of the supposed “loan” but significant extra in interest.

Why do you think that they are so keen to lend you “money” – they are even willing to lend to people with very poor credit records as there is no way that the bank can lose out on the deal, no matter what happens.

This is why, if a company starts demanding payment of large sums of money, you start by asking them to provide the “accounting” for the deal.

In other words, you are asking them to show in writing that they provided something of genuine worth as their side of the loan contract.

As they invented the money as numbers in their books with no real worth attached to those numbers, they are in deep trouble as they can’t comply with your demand to see their accounting for the deal.

Did you ever wonder how the average bank manages to make hundreds of millions of pounds/dollars profit every year?

Demand The Truth!

“It was the poverty caused by the bad influence of the English Bankers on the Parliament, which has caused the colonies hatred of the English and…the Revolutionary War.” 

Benjamin Franklin

“Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined.”

Patrick Henry June 26, 1788

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Editor’s Note: Governments around the world are speaking with “one voice” against so-called “misinformation” such as this type of post, video, etc. I, therefore, am against “disinformation,” which is false or misleading information that is spread deliberately to deceive the populations.

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