Marketing Strategies: 10 Proven Tactics To Increase Your Customer Base

Marketing Strategies
Marketing Strategies: 10 Proven Tactics To Increase Your Customer Base

Marketing Strategies You Can Do RIGHT NOW!

Are you using all marketing strategies to increase customer base; if not, check this list of no-cost and low-cost strategies.

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Then get started marketing so you can sell more products and services today!

1. Develop An Internet Marketing Strategies Attitude

Most black entrepreneurs are approaching the web passively.

They put up a web site, wait and nothing happens, and then complain.

Or worse, go off the Internet where there are over 2 billion people who are 78.6% North America, 67.6% Australia and 63.2% Europe (top language English).

More Reasons Why You Should Market Your Business On The Internet

  • The web sites with the most monthly views are Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo.
  • Email and social media are still kings!

If you want clients and customers, you have to work for them.

That means developing the “Internet Marketing Attitude.”

This attitude consists of the following parts:

  • Recognition that your web site doesn’t promote itself
  • Determination to master Internet promotion
  • Decision to find every conceivable means of building your business, and
  • Use them all every single day!

2. Post To Your Web Site And Blog Daily

Did you post today?


The day before?

I post every day whether I feel like it or not and sometimes I really don’t feel like doing it.

So, why is it necessary to post regularly?

  • Keep your content relevant and fresh
  • You can submit unlimited posts
  • Your posts are free
  • You boost your brand
  • You get a steady stream of potential clients or customers when they find and start enjoying your posts
  • As visitors to your web site grow and become steady, you will ultimately increase clients or customers and make sales if your web site offers a product or service.

In other words, posting regularly to your web site or blog works.

The key is:

  • Develop client and customer-centered benefits for your posts. Push BENEFITS, not features.
  • Make sure that each heading in your posts leads with a benefit.
  • Also make sure that the body of the post further develops your main or subsidiary benefit, while providing all the means necessary for your potential clients or customers to connect with you NOW.
  • Posts work because they excite potential clients or customers with the value and benefit that you have available.

Provide them with everything they need to know to purchase your product or service.

Weeks when you don’t post, you’re thwarting your own sales and marketing because people will leave and search for another web site.

3. Post Free Classifieds To Promote Your Business And Web Site Weekly

There are so many places on the Internet to post free classifieds i.e. Craigslist.

Start reviewing classified web sites to look for the right places for what you’re offering and submit.

Set a goal to post at least five classified ads a week.

This is a free alternative to posting in paid newspaper ads.

Note: Free classified ads at most Internet web sites expire after a certain amount of time.

That’s why you have to keep returning to renew your free ads, which brings them customers.

Do everything you can to increase your own web site clients or customers.

While you’re looking for free classifieds, you’re also going to find places that provide free links.

What’s the difference?

Classifieds and blog posts provide information that enables web site visitors to connect with you.

Posts allow you to say more, and there’s point and click connection to your web site.

With a link, all they have to do is click on the link and they’re immediately connected to your site.

When you add a link in a free classified ad, you’re usually allowed a few words (a dozen or less) to describe it.

Think about these words carefully.

What you want to post is a BENEFIT, not just a descriptive feature.

In other words, what’s the potential client or customer going to get when she visits your site?

The better the benefit, the more potential clients or customers you’ll get!

5. Take Advantage Of Under Utilized Internet Promotions For Your Target Market

Everybody likes free stuff, but it’s amazing how many free and low-cost advertising and promotion opportunities are being ignored as marketing strategies.

You want to use free, high traffic attracting social media resources and be associated with free, high traffic classified ad sites that do extensive online and offline advertising.

If these web sites are aggressively advertising their Internet properties and attracting high traffic, and if they reach your target market, you need to post your ad on their site.

When looking at such web sites, study how they develop their customers because you benefit from what they do, too!

By using free classified ads and other social media resources, it enables you to increase your clients or customers at no cost and low-cost.

A low-cost advertising and promotion opportunity that’s being ignored is Facebook Ads: Occupational Targeting.

Many marketing savvy businesses are seeing increasing value in advertising through Facebook using Occupational Targeting, which behooves black entrepreneurs to follow suit.

Just like Google AdWords, there are many areas you will want to pay attention to get the best results.

You can create precise targeted ads using Facebook advertising.

And the narrower the target market, the more effective your campaign is.

Because Facebook users supply so much information on their profiles, you can access more demographic data than in any other advertising platform, even Google AdWords.

According to statistics, African-Americans are more likely to complete a Facebook profile than other groups.

Occupational Targeting simply means you can be pretty certain about which products and services a particular occupation (i.e. black entrepreneur) is more likely to use.

Also in Facebook Ads is Precise Interests.

You can include job titles in the Precise Interests section in Facebook Ads, which makes it easy to pick out targeted occupations among target markets.

This is one of the under-utilized target marketing techniques in Facebook Ads.

6. Add Your Domain Name To All Marketing Communications

Here are just some of the free and low-cost advertising and promotion opportunity vehicles that you can use to look like success and increase potential clients or customers to your web site and local business:

  • Classified Ads
  • Yellow Pages Ads
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Envelopes
  • Stamps
  • Business Signage
  • Retractable Displays
  • Domain Name Decals for your vehicle, which is one of the best and most inexpensive advertisements money can buy.

Place your domain name on your vehicle’s bumper, rear window or, the side of your car and start advertising your business web address today!

Table Top Display is lightweight and has no setup time.

Table Runners show off your business logo and name, just place over tablecloth.

Do you have your business domain name on them or, are you literally throwing away promotional opportunities every time you think you’re “marketing”?

If you want clients or customers (sales), make sure everything you use promotes your business domain name.

Don’t have a domain name, find and check your available new Bluehost business domain name FREE.

7. Don’t Just Promote Your Business Domain Name | Promote The Chief Benefit Of Visiting Your Web Site

Whether you have an online or brick and mortar business, you need a web site!

If you already have one, tell a prospective client or customer your domain name and watch their reaction.

If your domain name doesn’t state what the web site is about or it isn’t motivating, you may get a confused look.

That’s why it is important for people to know what your domain name is about so they don’t have to wonder.

For example, put your domain name on all your marketing communications in addition to the chief benefit of visiting your web site (i.e. | Age of Black Entrepreneurship “Products and Services Are Your Vehicle. Marketing Is Your Business!”

On every single marketing communication you use, I don’t care whether it’s a tee shirt or an envelope; you need to present the most important client and customer-centered benefit of your web site, as well as the domain name. Don’t have a domain name, find and check your available new Bluehost business domain name FREE.

In marketing, you must lead with benefits (domain name) and follow with features. Both are essential to Internet marketing and building your business online.

8. Develop A Smart Web Site Landing Page (Homepage)

The key is to make the benefits of what you’re selling very plain. Your smart landing page should include:

  • Product or service offer
  • Benefits of what you’re selling
  • Product and service descriptions
  • Client or customer-centered testimonials
  • Complete purchase information
  • Complete information about your web site!

In other words, a landing page is the best kind of client or customer-centered marketing communication.

9. Send The Landing Page To Every Unsolicited E-Mail You Receive

When you wake up in the morning, go through all the unsolicited e-mail you get and instead of just deleting it, send your landing page.

Gmail has a quick reply box that you can paste your landing page.

Just by clicking a button you’ll be getting YOUR information into the hands of prospective clients or customers.

Sure some of it is going to bounce back to you right away because you may be answering an auto-responder, but marketing is and always will be a numbers game.

If you’ve got something the prospective clients or customers’ want, something that’s rich with benefits and offers real value, then she is going to respond, no matter how you heard about her (or how she connected with you) in the first place.

This method is more socially responsible than sending the kind of response mail that so many people hate.

And, yes, you will increase your web site visitors and make sales, if you promote the value of your web site and the substance of your products and services on your landing page.

10. Don’t Slack Off

It’s easy to be lazy.

Sloth is seductive.

But when you stop increasing your clients or customers, you start cutting the value of your web site and sales.

Building your business on the Internet is an exciting, high-energy game.

With very valuable pay-offs, which get bigger every day.

According to statistics, traffic on the Internet will be 100 TIMES what it is today.

Sadly, Internet marketing is still being “undervalued” by some black entrepreneurs.

What does this mean?

You will experience the pay-off if you do what’s necessary to make sure that a growing percentage of this burgeoning Internet market gets to your web site to increase your clients or customers.