Making Budgeting Fun With These Tips

Making Budgeting Fun
Making Budgeting Fun With These Tips

The Best Tips for Making Your Budgeting Fun!

Making budgeting fun aren’t really two words that really go together, but if you have the right rewards and goals, you can make it more fun. 

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Moreover, as a sprinkle of willpower, you can make it more fun. 

Budgeting is never fun because it feels like you’re having to take the fun out of your day just to be able to budget for things that you don’t want to have to pay for such as the mortgage and bills.

You might find it easier to sit in a quiet place with a nice new notebook when it comes to budgeting.

You need to be able to concentrate on the numbers, and if you don’t want to use a spreadsheet online then you just need a nice pen and some decent papers and record everything.

You should probably also learn how to unblock Spotify by possibly paying for it so that you can listen to the music while you budget.

It’s another good reason to budget, so you can afford your Spotify in the first place!

With that in mind, here are ways that you can make budgeting more fun.

  • Why are you budgeting? You have to find your motivation so that you can understand what you’re budgeting for. Are you trying to get out of debt or pay off loans? Or are you saving up for a house? If you know what your goal is, budgeting does feel fun because every single penny that you save is going to go into the pot for that specific goal. That can make you feel so much better about having to do it in the first place, when equally you want to buy a nice new pair of shoes.
  • Rely on paper and pen. As we said earlier, sitting somewhere quiet with some music on with pen to paper is so much better than budgeting apps and excel spreadsheets. When you write things down with good old fashioned pen and paper, you’re more likely to stick to what you’ve committed to. I guess it’s muscle memory and the whole idea of contracts, because when you put pen to paper you are signing something and writing something for yourself. Make sure that while you are writing down what your goals are, you are writing down how you can achieve them. Writing down how you can achieve them also means you need to write down some rewards. So, for the first goal that you hit, give yourself a reward but try not to make it a monetary one.
  • Open a new savings account. As part of your budgeting it’s likely that you’re going to try and budget for some savings. That means that you need to have a new savings account open to track your savings so that you have one place for your new budget. Have a shop around to see which are the best accounts possible that have a good interest rate.
  • Think big. If you’re budgeting and reducing your food shopping balance or other balances to be able to pay down some debt, make sure that you have something big at the end of it that you can look forward to. If you’re paying off debt for example, how much money will you free up as a result? That in itself is a huge reward.

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